Mystery Barges appearing in Portland Harbour.

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Latest subject for conspiracy theorists is the appearance of strange multi-storey barges.
What do you think they are?


1960s Children's Home for Orphan Aliens?


The weird looking craft in question is the one on the right, not the weird looking one on the left.
Obviously ghosts.

I mean aliens.

Ahem. Ghosts, that is.

Alien ghosts.

No, seriously, let's ask MR. He'll believe literally anything anyone says.
Probably some nonsailing party barge. It looks towed. Hey M.R. You have a youtube vid on this to add...
The first one is a Giant Rubik's Cube (For REAL GIANTS) discovered on an Archaeological dig in Egypt. They used black and 4 square black as colors then as they did not have the Walmart color selection.

My second guess would be the commonly built floating homes that require towing as they lack motors to their waterfront locations. Anybody ever watch "Sleepless in Seattle" (tom Hanks lived in one). The windows will arrive later and be installed once the vessel is safely home, so it is boarded up until then. It likely will be a mostly glass house.



Seeing it sideways though it does look more like a floating workplace of some sort. Possibly a hotel/Condo?

I predict it is a extension of a nearby Google facility and is meant to be a workplace. I would argue for a floating 4 story parking Garage had it not been for the odd angled doorway.

When Google buys its own country they can simply tow their offices to the new port.


(CNN) -- The mystery barge in San Francisco Bay is indeed a Google project, and houses a fancy, floating showroom for Google Glass and other products, a CNN affiliate is reporting.
According to KPIX-TV in San Francisco, the barge structure will become one of a small fleet of luxury event spaces, complete with a party deck for invitation-only visitors.
The station cited "multiple sources" including at least one who has been aboard the barge, and said it was dreamed up at Google X, the company's secret facility where engineers have cooked up projects like Google Glass and a self-driving car.
The facility is constructed from interchangeable shipping containers and is designed to be disassembled and transported via barge or train to other locations, a source said.

At least two other similar barges, including one in the Portland, Maine, harbor, also have been spotted since the "mystery barge" -- docked at a pier on Treasure Island, just east of San Francisco -- first made headlines earlier this week. All of them are marked by the letters "BAL" and four numbers. An unnamed tenant that moved into a hangar on Treasure Island on August 1 goes by the handle, "By And Large" -- possibly a playful reference to the corporation in the Pixar movie "Wall-E."
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Google would like to thank all of the psycho conspiracy theorist for the free publicity and advertising on googles new venture.