Narcissist science forum control

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You just want to keep trying to pick my brain for free information

if it is free and you are offering it ...

if i wanted to pick your brain, i probably would have given up a long time ago.

instead i am curious like watching a dvd to see where you lead this thread.
like watching TV.

G reasing
S ausage
R egular

i would be amazed if you could build a fighter jet by yourself
i would not be amazed if you could build a house by yourself(i would be VERY impressed but i would not think it impossible)

you would need to have the abilities of advanced engineering & physics to be able to build an anti-gravity device IF such technology were possible
and more is the point, you would be highly UNLIKELY to be able to build it by yourself.

trolls are either narcissists or sociopaths or a combination of both(or children in adults bodys)
Moderator note: Spencer666 has been permanently banned from sciforums for trolling. (The reasons go beyond what has been posted in this thread.)
If you question sciences integrity or argue their science is full of lies , you are a troll and they will ban you too keep their secrets quiet !

That is how they do it !
Notice the deliberately inflammatory nature of this post.
Notice how no argument or evidence is offered in support of the accusation.
Why do you all comply to their orders like some robots ? Are you scared to reveal the science truths ?
Notice the attempt to rile up members by personally insulting them.

Why are you defending their lies such as the speed of light ?
Notice the introduction of a vague and ill-expressed idea, in an attempt to immediately divert the conversation onto one of many time-wasting strands, in which the troll contributes virtually nothing other than the unsupported opening claim.

I have read before that c is simple thermodynamics and the transition of high energy to lower energy state spatial points , not an actual thing that has any sort of propulsion .
Note the careful lie, alluding to reading that the troll has not done, about things that nobody has ever claimed.

Do you have no argument in defense of c ?
Notice how the troll demands explanations from others, while never offering any of his own.

Quite clearly you are trying to get me talking about rocket science in the aim to gain GSR info of rocket science . Rocket science IS basic science and very easy .
Notice the trollbait.

An unsinkable boat , free energy , fastest plane etc , is a £20 billion business in my head or not .

In fact I already have design plans for the safest plane on the planet .
More trollbait.

Additionally GSR has military ideas and design , a massive market for revenue .
Notice the reference to a non-existent acronym of the troll's own invention. The aim is to waste everybody's time.


There's little point in reading further through the thread.
Not open for further replies.