Native American Indian music


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A short time ago,I heard some Native American Indian music on TV.I don't know what it was called or who performed it,but I really liked it and was wondering if anyone has any ideas about how I could get hold of something similar?
I would be glad of any information.
Wow that really gives us a lot of clue.

You are not talking about Enigma II are you? Just checking.
Enigma II

Well to tell the truth I do not know,what is Enigma II.
What I heard sounded like a man chanting.
I dont know about England, but we have Pow Wows here, where you go and watch Indians perform their dances and music. Its awesome to watch!
Hope this helps!!!
Re: Enigma II

Originally posted by odin
Well to tell the truth I do not know,what is Enigma II.

Is what you saw a music video from music video stations like MTV or VH1? If the music sounds like pop with Indian chants in it, that is probably one of the songs from Enigma II. Otherwise you are not giving us a lot of clues.

If you have real player, go to

On the left handside, click on return to innocence and listen to the music. Try each one of them if you have the patience.

Thanks to all of you,I have lots to look at & listen to,the one I was after was played quite a lot over here a while ago.
Have still not found it yet.