Near death experiences

Do you think that Black Holes are involved in recycling of energy and matter?

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Interesting... I did not know that he was only fifty one at the time of his death.

Stanley Milgram (August 15, 1933 – December 20, 1984) was an American social psychologist, best known for his controversial experiments on obedience conducted in the 1960s during his professorship at Yale.[2]

Milgram was influenced by the events of the Holocaust, especially the trial of Adolf Eichmann, in developing the experiment. After earning a PhD in social psychology from Harvard University, he taught at Yale, Harvard, and then for most of his career as a professor at the City University of New York Graduate Center, until his death in 1984.

I am of the belief that Stanley Milgram Ph. D. in the afterlife is aware that you and I are discussing his research on this forum......
I believe that he will basically be very pleased to hear that I personally feel that he was something of a metaphorical "Elijah" in the science of Psychology and I feel that his research is critical to humanity knowing to how to assist in compelling the Ancient of Days the Father to give the command to the Messiah to go to the earth and fulfill both the literal as well as the metaphorical meaning there in Zechariah chapter fourteen.

I believe that the literal Elijah will be able to go to Stanley Milgram Ph. d. in the afterlife and explain if my idea on this is valid or not..... and I am sure that he will be glad to have another meeting with the actual Elijah of history or even with the Prophet Malachi who predicted events about the life of John the Baptist as well as in our time period also.

I am of the belief that the Stanley Milgram Ph. D. studies are some of the most important research ever done by a psychologist and I think that he likes my reaching out to the people on the Left Hand Path by using his name to get the millions of influential people on that path to do some serious soul searching.

Neo-Malthusian thought may be logical for a number of reasons ......
but that does not fully justify all the related conclusions and policies that are linked to it at this time in 2021, (or for that matter from 1939 to 1945).