Neuromancer The Film?


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Is it me, or has someone in the entire film making industry said "Cut!", and placed a hold upon the creation of the film?

Supposedly the script has been in the pipeline for years, but there is seemingly no movement. Perhaps Mr W. Gibson is not happy with something.. the actors.. .the directors... the re-write of his story to the play format.

Perhaps he's doing like George Lucas did with Starwars... waiting for the special effects to get where he wants them, or perhaps he's waiting for the worlds technological aspirations to spiral towards his own.

Personally I think it would look good with the Realtime stuff being filmed with actors and special effected backdrops like "Bladerunner", and the scenes of accessing the matrix could stem into a world similar to that of "Final Fantasy" which the grid being a three dimensional world, and people being portrayed as virtual characters.

Who knows though??? Well other than Mr W. Gibson.
I wouldn't blame Mr. Gibson for pulling the plug on another movie version of one of his stories. Johnny Mnemonic the movie did no justice to the story. This is a common problem with movies made from books. Stephen King didn't want tto see The Stand made into a movie because he thought there would be too many vital parts left out. He was right.

The big problem is that writers don't have to worry about a special effects budget. Writer like Gibson, who have created such vivid worlds through an entire series of books, don't need to worry about too much background information, either, because their loyal fans already know most of the story.

Enter the producer. He puts up the money and so thinks he has final say. Things get tweaked, the writer is under some shady contract, and has the joy of watching his or her work of art usually torn to shreds for the sake of merchandising.

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You know what I wish? I wish they'd do a video series based on Gibson's short stories. I'd love to see a filmed version of "Dogfight", one of my favorites. Of course, I also wish I had a gazillion dollars, tax-free.

The biggest reason I really like "Dogfight" is because of what the protagonist does to the game's champion. He doesn't care that the old guy is in a wheelchair, that the game is all he has left in the world. He came to play, and to win. I really identify with that kind of ruthless competitiveness.