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Man. More admins than you can shake a stick at....

Well, at least he gave the pre-emptive "I won't start banning people for saying fuck" speech.

Although I still don't trust him. He's got squinty eyes... I can sense it.

Other sorts of insults are fair game though?
Don't worry. I'm sure you'll still be able to call people faggots.
This is not my first post on SciForums, but it is a first “official” post.

I’d like to introduce myself. I am Plazma Inferno!, a new forum administrator on SciForums.

I am the part of SciForums staff, together with present administrators pseud0 and zox. Since they are skilled web developers engaged more on improvement of forum system and new features, and they haven’t much time for administration, I’ll be person strictly in charge of administrator’s job.

My engagement will include taking care of implementing forum rules, improvement of those rules in the forthcoming period and further development of forum community.
Of course, forum functioning will remain the same. I will strive to bring out some improvements in the future with your help. That will be lasting process and I am expecting support of as many forum members as possible.

As I could saw in past few days, this is already a well-developed community and I am glad to be a part of it. Since you are in this community much longer than I am, I expect many suggestions from you, but strive to forward only those that are creative.

It’s clearly that this is the place for open-minded persons and for their intelligent and intellectual discussions. It is also obviously that sometimes these discussions are walking “on the edge”. There are many ‘touchy’ topics on this forum. I won’t be restrictive and I won’t interfere much in discussions. I will leave them ‘flow’ and show up only when it’s ordered by circumstances.

Things that I won’t tolerate in discussions are any racial, religious or sexual based insults. There are lots of members with different cultural background and I don’t want any of them be offended and feel uncomfortable with such threads and posts. We left stereotypes in medieval times, so I expect you act and behave as 21-century human beings.

I just want to wish you to have a good time on SciForums, be creative, tolerant and feel free to contact me and ask any additional question.

I’ m looking forward to our future cooperation.

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Lol, this admin is just asking to be owned. He has to have a 0 tolerance policy like I do on my forums.

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Believe or not, my forums are run by a Jews and Manson. The servers owned by a mason. And the forum is hosted in Israel, by a Jew.

Should I be shocked?

"OMG?!!? A Jew and Muslim? OMFG!!!! AHHHH"
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