News clips from 9-11-2001 **You can't debunk this**

But you have not even addressed one of my points. It's not a boxing I don't want to fight. It's a forum for discussion, which you seem to be incapable of.

You kept demanding others answer you questions...but you won't answer ours. Why is that?
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Dunno if somebody already mention this or not to you, everybody have to make at least 20 posts
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Yes with that username he is only here to discuss 9/11. James has seen some youtube videos and conspiracy sites and while he is unable to put forward a compelling argument himself, he is sure that there is a cover up. He will eventually lose patience, call us gullible sheep, and then move on to the next forum.

I don't mind either way as I find 9/11 threads entertaining.
You called it, Shaman.

Nice, you gulliable sheep you! If you don't believe, you must be a government agent. He he..:)
Yeah I was wondering when he'd get around to that. Geez.

I'm off to pick up some coffee from the Lizardoid cafe. You guys want anything?
Please note, this is an enhanced version of the crash course. Read through there are news questions/subjects

1. What is free fall speed?
2. Why WTC2 fell in 10 second?
3. Why WTC1, WTC2 and WTC7 ( the 3 buildings that fell on 911 ) fell symmetrically and totally to the ground?
4. From 415meters ( the roof top of either WTC1 or 2 ), If an object falls through air, and this same object falls through steel and concrete, Which one reaches ground first?
5. If an object falls, does it fall through the most resistance or the less resistance path?
6. Why Steel melted during the destruction of WTC1 & WTC2?
7. What is the minimum temperature for steel to melt.
8. Can plane fuel ( Kerosene ) causes steel to melt?
9. Can an open fire melt steel?
10. Steel does not melt in an open fire, why?
11. Steel melts only in a controlled fire, in a Foundry. What is a Foundry?
12. Did dark smoke rise from WTC1 & 2 on the day of 11 Sep 2001?
13. Dark smoke tell us that the fire is deprived from oxygen. This is called a poor fire. All experts say that this type of fire should and will never melt steel.
14. Can fire causes a steel framed building to collapse and disintegrate to the ground?
15. Did a steel framed building ever collapsed in history, due to fire? ( Look at the Windsor building fire – Spain . See it in Youtube )
16. Just after the WTC1 & 2 collapsed, why we saw steel beams cut in an angular shapes?
17. What is shaped charge? In control demolition terms.
18. Why shape charges are used in control demolition?
19. Why Building 7 ( a 47 story steel framed building ) collapsed to the ground in 6 seconds ( free fall speed ), exactly to the building’s foot print. While it wasn't hit by a plane?
20. Why WTC5 and WTC6 buildings ( the nearest to WTC1 & 2 ) didn’t fall, yet WTC7 ( the one which is far from WTC1 & 2 ) fell totally to the ground, exactly to it’s foot print, neatly and cleanly.
21. Why we didn't hear a series of explosion when WTC7 was falling? Like we see in a control demolition? Check out a control demolition example?
22. What was used to cut steel during the WTC7 demolition?
23. Was Thermate used to demolish WTC7 silently?
24. What is thermate?
25. What role did WTC7 played in the events of 911?
26. Why Barry Jennings heard explosion in WTC7 before WTC1 & 2 start collapsing?
27. Why Barry Jennings walked on dead bodies when he was leaving WTC7 hours before it was demolished?
28. Why people were killed inside WTC7?
29. What is control demolition?
30. How do engineers cut steel during control demolition?
31. Does the concrete turns to dust during a control demolition? Look at an example of a real control demolition ( there are plenty of them on the net. ).
32. Did we see huge clouds of DUST during the collapse of WTC1, WTC2 and WTC7?
33. After a building falls in a normal condition, we can see floors and floors of concrete pilled up one after one?
34. Does a normal control demolition sends a huge cloud of dust into the air?
35. How buildings collapse in an uncontrolled fashion?
36. How buildings collapse in a controlled fashion?
37. When a plane crashes, how much debris ( Engines, landing gears, wheels, seats, luggage, plane parts... ) can be found in the crash site?
38. Why there were no plane debris at the pentagon? Very strange isn’t it?
39. Why until now the Government doesn't want to show us the plane that hit the pentagon, approaching and crashing into the pentagon? Like we saw on the world trade center..

I will be back to continue the discussion.

Your list of absurd propositions would be greatly enhanced by some facts or informed analysis.