+nuclear fusion D+T


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I would like to ask for this experiment:

produce plasma of deuterium and tritium.
Injected into the toroidal core and spun it with a strong magnetic field with angular velocity 1E9 Hz.
It is thus possible to achieve nuclear fusion?
And if not what other conditions need to be added or what needs to be modified?

Thank you very much.
1 billion revolutions around a toroidal chamber per second would only be possible if the path were less than 0.33m in length, ie about 1 foot, else you'd violate relativity. Even ignoring that the rate at which a particle goes around and around isn't the important thing. The important thing for fusion is the frequency at which particles collide with one another and the energy of that collision. These are in essence measured by temperature and pressure.
So that if it was canceled rotational movement.
And instead would increase the pressure in the gas.
A chamber to be uniformly deployed metal electrodes.
Among them would be strong pulse voltage with high frequency.
It would be possible to achieve nuclear fusion?