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;) Oh DEAR! THis is some great stuff!
This is Great!

Between the sun and the end of sol
Witch is thee only measurement of the soul
And its experience of love, that makes them whole
A beginning to prase the universes extol
And the unimaginable price of its beauty

So perfect! I don't know if you menat to say 'witch' but I think it's better than 'which'. You wrote a beautiful poem-are you a professional? Because this seems to have some incredible classical underpinnings. If not, you are a natural with more talent than you can imagine.

The Earth is iced, isn't it?
Oh Dear- someone pushed the wrong button. This wasn't supposed to be a new thread-it was supposed to be a post in the Poetry Arena. You got your wish, Iced_Earth-you have your own thread just for you. Sorry about my stupidity. Disregard it, since it's out of context, and look in the Poetry Arena to see it in context...