OK, so who else is *** with Sam, ...

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Why the fuck shouldnt there be a poll? :shrug:

Because her subforums are going along swimmingly. She does her moderator duties as she's supposed to. Most of the people in this thread advocating her impeachment are bitter because she's established a firm foothold in the atheist/theist debate. Her only fault is not agreeing with other people's sentiments.

How conniving and beguiling of her. :rolleyes:
only now do we realize how much of the puppets we were in this dangerous game of forumming. Unable to speak the truth we see, unable to see the truth we spoke...we are like sand underneath the golden garments of moderators.Two Zeus gods have no sympathy for our tears which made the oceans of threads here on...our hearts have melted our spears broken.

Yes, you are a slave. And a slave you are - undying, mad and fed upon by the beasts of underworld.
keep to the topic please. This thread is about SAM.

Now about SAM: SAM is a girl and just for that she should stay a moderator.

There really are not many female moderators. I'll nominate Sandy if she ever comes back.
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