Once again: ATTN Trippy


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Can you give a detailed description of my infraction?

It would be courteous of you to explain exactly why I was issued a warning.

Could you provide quotes from the offensive Post?
Looking at it, the infraction was for "Trolling/Meaningless Content" - that doesn't necessarily mean you were "offensive", but simply that you either were not adding to the conversation at hand or otherwise providing any sort of insight...

It amuses me to tease believers in the SETI project & I really think they are wasting funding & intellectual resources on a project with little or no hope for success.

Given what you said... yeah, I'd have issued an infraction too... it's pretty much blatant baiting.
Dinosaur, do you think that starting new threads makes people forget about the older threads you posted? Such as this thread vs the one right next to it that you started yesterday, that contains a similar title and topic? And the thread you are referring to, which you apparently started in order to dodge the discussion in the previous thread? It doesn't. It just seems like yet another trolling tactic you are employing.