Orgone Energy

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phlogistician said:
Blah blah blah, more ad homs and baseless assertion from duendy.
hah, watch, others who understand. next will be 'gaga gu gu spluk splik aaaghhhh!!' as he throws shit outta his pram
MetaKron said:
Mosheh: Free electrons do not create ozone. Ozone forms from positively charged oxygen atoms. Negative air ionizers do not create ozone.

Im sorry.... but you are mistaken...

do you have one? do you know what Ozone smells like??

I do... and i have a high voltage laboratory...

Ion air purifiers... do... create Ozone.

I suggest you look into it.. they have recently added a new feature...
a catalytic converter in the front of those ion air cleaners.
(they claim its to remove ozone from smog!, but in truth its to reduce the ozone the machine itself makes....!!!)

and they also say.. in the instructions.. not to use them in a sealed room.

Why?? cause it makes ozone.. just go to the store and smell the air coming out of one... that supposive fresh clean scent?
thats not fresh clean air.. thats ozone. thats what the smell is.

i know cause i have made it in volumes.. and its smell is unforgetable.

OK, I wanted to joke about whether it is allowed to discuss the actual topic of a thread here, but I couldn't figure out how to do that without being taken the wrong way, so consider the joke told.

MH, you are probably right, even if negative air ionizers are not efficient producers of ozone. I think that with negative ions around ozone would be a lot less stable too. Still, looking around using Google and realizing that high levels are in the tens of parts per million, when they say that an ionizer produces only .02 percent ozone, that is still 200 parts per million. Since this is in relation to the negative ions generated, it may still be safe enough.

I think you're talking about electrostatic precipitators, though, which depend on plates charged to high DC voltages. They would have a positive side and a negative side, and would leak voltage to the air through corona discharges. Dirt on the plates would increase these discharges and the ozone produced.
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Ozone at small levels does kill floating germs, and it is.. honestly.. to me..
really cool.. it is stimulating.. and the smell... i can't help but like it...

thats one of the fun parts of high voltage sparks.. the volume of Ozone it makes..

But it is Toxic.. thats why they say use the ion air cleaners with the window open..
which unfortunatly... defeats the goal of cleaning the air in the first place.

for clean air.. micron air filters are the way to go.
but they dont smell as cool.

And I didn't read that right the first time I looked it up. The manufacturer said that his negative air ionizer produced .02 parts per million. Somehow I read it as .02 percent. .02 parts per million is well within safety limits.

Someone may want to get fancy and see if they can build precipitators that use a high negative charge without a correspondingly high positive charge. In fact, they should look at some negative air ionizer circuits. It seems like something like a diode/capacitor multiplier of the kind that is already used by air ionizers can do the job, and they may already be doing it. For all I know they may be doing that with precipitators. If not it's a good idea.
Scientists are prepared to drop a theory if the evidence suggests it is flawed.

Didn't your mother taught you not to lie?

Or do you not understand the human psyche?

Or .. oh well swell, I guess we need people like you. Keeping the appearances high up.
I'm just pondering which is the better example of progressive humanity. The individual who describes the ideal in generic terms, or the one who focuses on the negative. It is an interesting difference.
Hi again,

People have already done experiments with orgone, like the ones found at dealing with plants, animals, water, the atmosphere, what new experiment is left to be done?

Any young person, currently studying science in year II of secondary school (roughly junior high in the US, I think) may like to comment on why the supposed orgone experiments in VitalOne's links are unscientific. Anyone at a more advanced level of study would likely find such an exercise a waste of time.
By the way, Reich noticed that mice lost hair in accumulators made with aluminum for the metal. This might explain a thing or two, but I'm not going to say what.

I like bion cultures for sources of orgone anyway because they aren't much affected by the weather or anything except strong sources of radioactivity, and they work when accumulators don't work. The crudest form that seems to work is just some sand, crushed as fine as you can, heated red hot and placed in a culture medium like diluted chicken broth or diluted milk with some potassium chloride. It is best to use a glass container and heat it double-boiler style or heat it in a pressure cooker. The container must be open to air because the bions require oxygen. Use about a quarter of a teaspoon of potassium chloride for a pint of mixture.

Grinding the sand in a glazed earthenware bowl or saucer with the back of a stainless steel spoon works. Heating the sand in a stainless steel spoon using a propane torch works, but hold the spoon in a pair of pliers.

I've read a bit about orgonne generators and such.

It seems to me that alot of folks get mixed up in this "crystal energy", for the lack of a better term, "B.S."

I've had plenty of personal experiences and performed various calculations, namely rewriting the equations of classical electrodynamics to jive with general relativity.

It explains alot when you accept a fifth dimension, i.e., we are actually higher dimensional beings manifested in a lower dimensional space. "You" and "I" are simply reflections, if you will, on a lower dimensional surface of a higher dimensional entity. We're not all the same entity, neccesarily, so don't get your panties in a bunch about a hive mind or anything.

Think about this, however. Take two cue balls and hold them over a pool table. Look at the balls as you eclipse one with the other. Clearly one is moving behind the other. The pool table sees something else entirely. Two bodies merge and then reappear as individuals. The lower dimensional surface (the plane of the pool table) captures the shadows of the balls crossing each other. An indistinguishable condition from the balls having fused and re-divided.

Orgonne is, in my opinion, a simple artifact of the energetics of this higher dimensional space in which our "true" selves lie.

hit me up with questions, but try not to get sucked into the seductively simplistic explanations of Qi, Chi, Chakras, Auras, Crystals and "energies". It's all just an inadequate explanation of an altered perception of another effect.

i want everybody here to construct orgone devices there very simple to make wont take long or cost hardly anything, everyone here is capable of constructing one it dosent take much, Orgone energy (Qi) has been overlooked far too much and it is time for people to make individual studies about this, and experiments need to be done with finished conclusions.

reichs work was locked up in a vault for 50 years he didnt want the last generation dealing with it with judicial murder, so he planed to release it around 2007 (i think) so that our generation will be able to try to understand its concepts with more open mindedness.

i have so much more to post about this topic scientific theories on everything will have to be reasessed and start over incorperating the existance of this sub energy.


You do of course realize that Reich's works have been almost continually published since they were written?
Pardon me, but...:)

1. What is orgone the lingo of mainstream physics?

2. Is there any reproduceable evidence that it exists and can be measured?
BTW, I have read Reich's book 'Character Analysis' which was interesting, but short on details relative to the orgone thing.

I suppose he got into that later in life no?
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