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I've read what you have posted here, and have no reason to think your paper will be any different.

This isn't science, it's basic English composition. An introduction introduces the paper - the reason it was written, the research it was based on, errors you wish to correct, other goals of the paper. (This is where you would, for example, say "your science claims X which makes no sense at all." This will make it easier on reviewers to classify your paper.)

It's just a reference to another source. Scientists do not invent their own science; they "stand on the shoulders of giants" (as Issac Newton once put it) in order to see farther. Due to your contempt for scientists, references may be out of the question for you.
A brief history of how you got to this stage might be helpful, but maybe not in the way you think.

The more of the paper i write , the more will become clear, maybe has science keeps mocking me, I will post my findings in religion, my paper is your science and will show my abstract to be true, but I am delaying my paper, this paper may make me a target in the world, it is the paper of reality, that will show the world that science is true to my abstract and all religion is fallacious.

Hesitant yes.
Look, there is a subject called "naive set theory". If you don't know this, then you shouldn't be writing about set theory; you need to learn a lot more about set theory, a lot more about science, and a lot more about how they do not relate in the way you imaging people relate them.
I am saying that most of your present science theories are very naive, and very set, so I am saying that science, presents naive set theories?

how else can I word that without a confusion?
You can't say anything without "a confusion" since confusion is your ground state.
You would be confused if you started to think about reality and process, and started to not see eye to eye with what you already thought to be reality and started to see things just a bit differently to what is presumed to be reality.
So yes it is confusing when I say to myself , no I must be wrong, and but then when I think , but if this and that were really that, that would really truly mean that, so yes it is confusing.
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