Parallel UNIVERSES is a theory and is the idea of Multiple UNIVERSES somethig posible

Evidence of multiple universes revealed in the cosmic map:


The image top right is exactly what they would be looking for.
Have you any other information on this particular image?
I'd certainly like to see some verification, or other cosmologists and astrophysicists to support the thesis. So far, it's just a single researcher, who originally came up with this hypothesis 8 years ago.

Well that has nothing to do with my statement. We're talking about supposed actual observations, not interpretations of quantum mechanics.
Well that has nothing to do with my statement. We're talking about supposed actual observations, not interpretations of quantum mechanics.
Actual observations of what? I took it that the different WMAP images put together was a joke as proof of alternate universes.

I am saying that there is a lack of observations to support the many worlds interpretation. Take the double slit experiment for example, you wouldn't ever expect there to be a double slit experiment where there are not the same interference pattern creating lines across the screen. There is a process that is going on that creates the same interference pattern. You wouldn't ever perform a double slit experiment and then just get random stuff happening.

Then the act of observation destroy's the interference pattern, it then just makes two lines on the screen. It doesn't make you decohere to a universe that would see one set of lines or another. The wave function would collapse and then they would just no longer act like waves not two sets of different waves having interactions. So I think it would be better to assume that when they act like waves they are all interacting with each other, but then when you observe them then these waves no longer exist to where there can be an interaction between them. There will be no universes where there would be two bands on the right side or left side of the screen, they will just be behind the slits.

I took it that the different WMAP images put together was a joke as proof of alternate universes.
Then you obviously didn't bother reading the article.
I've been trying to find out more, and I wonder whether that might be an example of what the scientists are looking for rather than what they have found.
I know that the article doesn't say that, but perhaps they have misunderstood.

The article was published in 2010.
This is a quote from a synopsis of a paper published by Feeny and others in in 2011.

The authors zeroed in on what might be the best target of opportunity, namely the effects of bubble collisions. Although direct observation of other bubble universes is not possible, the bubbles might have collided with one another and this bashing together might have left imprints on the cosmic microwave background, essentially itself a palimpsest of cosmic history. Feeney et al. carry out a statistical analysis of the full sky WMAP data, searching for specific distortions that may have been the wreckage of bubble crashes. They find no signatures of collisions, but are able to use this null result to put an upper limit on the number of bubble collisions the theory could predict and still be consistent with the data. The hope now is to continue the search for eternal inflation by applying the same tests to better data expected from the Planck satellite, which was launched in 2009. – David Voss
They've found anomalies, which have been looked at before but not in such high resolution.
The ring is the kind of thing they would like to find.
It would be a game changer.
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The definition from planck map to wmap is by far greater, but I enjoyed the bit about the cold spot and north south border in the article. What was curious is the seeming yin yang quadratic cross between what appears to be a scattered warm spot and the cold. What I mean by that is in the south part of the picture the cold spot is surrounded by a warm one and on the north we have the opposite. The warm spot is surrounded by a deep well of cold. Guess I just find the thermodynamic qualities of what appears to be layers in temperatures as opposed to equal measures in decline of these extremes.
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Well, I would start by saying that everything has a equal,opposite and parallel reaction.

Parallel worlds, universes,reactions,people ect... is a rather interesting subject, but it is more distrubing to actually understand them. in other words mind twisting. The math scale for interactions is mind blowing, mainly because you can tract parallel actions in every day life and chemistry.

It reminds me of the T.V. show FRINGE

Hugh Everett made the multi-universe theory credible because he explained it as a "wave function" (?). MV ("multi-verse") theory now has its own researchers and many astronomers think factors such as "Dark Flow" and the "Dark Mass" seen in the CMB could prove other universes exist. Also, what about ant-matter- could it have its own universe? Such a parallel seems reasonable and even provable (or not)...
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