Parapsychology is incompatible with physics

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. . . .[ /b] To work out the sun, they will never get close. Scientific understanding of the sun, will always just be a faith, so a religion, of scientific dogma.. . . .[ /b]Sums up science, and you will never understand the sun.
Nonsense!! You are the one who does not understand the sun.

Astrophysicists understand the sun quite well. Its heat is due to nuclear fusion at the core.

The gravitational force of the sun creates intense heat & pressure at the core.

Note that heat is actually a measure of particle motion. Atoms at the core of the sun are moving at high speed (as indicated by the core temperature). Pressure due to gravity at the core keeps the particles from escaping prior to there being high speed collisions.

The high speed collisions cause nuclear fusion, which releases large amounts of energy.