"Perfect Love"

You're too dumb for words. It's really quite amazing.

Although, your logic follows the same as most religious people. You don't want to believe the facts so you make up something without any proof of it.

Every time you have made a comment I have had a rebutal. That is proper form.

You have either completely fucking ignored me or just said 'I already proved it'. That is disrespect and disgusting form.

How is the mind cold? It's only cold if you think it is. Everything is relative. I choose to see the mind as an amazing and intricate thing, rather brilliant in it's make up.

Let me explain this step by step to you, as you obviously can't link one and one together by yourself.

- There are FACTS which tell us how our brain works
- Like all scientific FACTS, they are rather unromantic
- YOU, not me, let the fact that these FACTS are unromantic make you think that if they are true, than LOVE is unromantic
- I, on the other hand, am able to look past the unromantic and cold FACTS of the brain and accept the BEAUTY of HUMAN love

Get the logic now?

'There IS something beyond it'
You say this because you want to believe it. Like for thousands of years people wanted to believe in their gods. Like people want to believe in an afterlife. People will believe whatever it takes to suit their desires. I do it too, though not in science/religion sense. I want to believe that the expectations people have for me are too high. I want to believe that my teachers and parents and friends have far too high expectations for me to reach. The fact is, for 3 years I have reached them and upped them with little effort. I still seem to believe that these expectations are too high for me. Why? Because it's convinient. Because it helps me in being able to logically explain my lack of initiative in school work. Difference is, I can understand that I simply want to believe something.

I can see beauty in the human mind.

You cannot.

Both of us, like damn near all humans, desire beauty in life.

You simply are unable to appreciate truth.
You simply are unable to appreciate truth.

And you are simply unable to recognize it whe you see.

And this finishes here. I'm tired of discussions...

On a closing note, my proof is laid before you.

I make rebutals and comments and you simply say, 'no, I am right, you are wrong'

You're a 6 year old truth seeker.

Because I lack the literary/intellectual finesse necessary for tackling this debate the way I have it mapped out in my head I’m just going to comment on what I perceive to be the major deficiencies of the philosophical implications of the scientific description of consciousness (ie: why I believe it to be “cold and emotionless”

· Though it illustrates gracefully a portrait of consciousness that compliments it’s beauty based on the life-blood principles of infirmity, grandeur, and preciousness it also taints any sincerity of these points. After all, our actions, our sensations, our instincts, our behavior and even our thoughts are ultimately not our own. We are nothing more than pawns in the most bizarre evolutionary theatrical production imaginable. I personally don’t understand a damn thing, however the knowledge that somehow the experience of aliveness is more illusion that fact I find unsettling.
· As a person who has lived with anxiety/depression that is more hardwired in than caused by environment I find my thoughts to be in a state of constant circular distraction. As a result, I am sensitive to the tragedies of the world around me, and when on average each newspaper I pick up has tales of adding up to around 30 or 40 deaths, all by people who are as close to my age as my imagination can identify with, it is a very strenuously hollow prospect attempting to gain any sense of strength, hope or purpose form the simple facts of life. There are so many things terribly wrong with human society that believing human consciousness to adhere mystical qualities, or at least survive death in some restored capacity is a notion that is definitely higher on the list of attractive ideals that the alternative. At least in the mystical mindset there is some transcendence there, transcendence over self and world.
· Neurological damage, brain disease, need I say more. It’s unfathomable to really value how many people live broken lives with broken souls because of the stranglehold they’re brains have on their minds. Mortality is almost reassuring as long as you’ve lived a life you would live again, but I just do not see a world where a lot of people are truly completely alone as being positive in any twisted way.

Just a few reasons…