Photo reading???

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Excellent point

To firdroirich--Awsome and pertinent post. I remember a similar sentence being used in my Psychology 101 class in 1983 to demonstrate how our minds comprehend what we see and interpret it properly.

I came across this forum and thread by seaching Google for Photo Reading.

My wife received an e-mail from a "trusted" source about this method that thought it would improve her ability to learn.

It included a coupon to "Save 59% today! Get PhotoReading Deluxe, only $218.95. (regularly $530) or PhotoReading Classic, only $99.95. (regularly $245). Payment plans available."

Needless to say, thanks to this forum, I will have saved at least $99.95.

I really appreciate the diligence in research and the articulate opinions expressed by the forum members on this subject.
Infomercials are something I am highly skeptic about. If it was such a great product you couldn't keep people away. The fact that they put it on the air waves means that usually it is hogwash with a little something there to make it sound reasonable.
Some infomercials are honorable. We bought one of Chuck Norris's Total Fitness Gym machines and it's really great. Does exactly what he promises and we've used it a lot.

The warranty is solid gold. One of the welds broke loose so we called the service number. They said they were so sorry and would send a new one out right away. We asked where to send the old one and they said they didn't want it. The new one arrived in a few days. We gave the old one to our auto mechanic and he welded it up and is using it.

Of course, as we all know, Chuck Norris never lies. :)
Well, I sed Reading Genius and Photo Reading. Photo Reading is ok, Reading Genius 2.0 is an incredible course and far more than speed reading.

Ed Strachar, the author is very good at teach you how to focus and control your mind from drifting and daydreaming, which is the biggest problem I had when I read. My speed increased 5-6X but more important for me.. I remember the books as if I lived them. The recall is incredible because i get so focused on them.

The software that comes with the course really helps as a 1-2 minute exercise turns on my brain and I am able to read in phrases and Ideas.. as opposed to word by word before.

I don't know what the previous course Reading Genius 1.0 was like ..but i know there was no software and just cassettes and VHS tapes but version 2.0 is really quite incredible.
This all sounds interesting. I've wondered about speed reading before.

I recently saw several months ago a guy on one of the news stations who is apparently the fastest reader in the world. He read through the entire health care bill (an earlier shorter version) in very short time. It looked like he was reading about one page per second or two.

I think that phenomenal type of reading is generally due to people who have an acutely photographic memory. Seems to be a good explanation.

In the movie Temple Grandin about an autistic girl, she exhibits that characteristic of being able to glance at a page and recall it verbatim from memory.

Like the previous poster, I also have trouble reading things quickly because my mind wanders and I get distracted easily. Not always, but often my thoughts are constantly branching out in one direction or the other, and it's hard to keep focused.

I would be interested to give one of these programs a try.
Mental Photography vs Photoreading

I have been looking to do a speed reading course and have been doing some research on this topic and came across some history that was interesting.

The first company that I can find that pioneered this as a commercial entity was Richard Welch of Subliminal Dynamics ( in the late 70's. Richard had apparently done extensive research in this field and developed this into a course where he was teaching others Mental Photography.

Mental Photography or Subliminal Dynamics is a "whole-brain learning and hemispheric balancing that super-excites the brain on all levels of consciousness, simultaneously.", so they don't just teach you how to speed read, its more than that!

From what I understand, Paul Scheele of Learning Strategies essentially derived his content based on his learnings of Richard Welch's course. Paul Scheele was apparently a student back in 1985 of Richard Welch, and since then developed this into "Photo Reading" or Learning Stratgies

Here is his endorsement of Richard Welch's course back in October of 1985 - ""Fun course. I'm glad to be part of this dynamic and unfolding process. This is truly the course to be involved in during the information age." (Oct. 1, 1985) ( Ref: www

Since that many more companies have sprouted and there is so much available, however since Richard was a pioneer of this mental "phenomenon" I was really interested in finding out more on what he had to offer. In doing this I discovered that Richard Welch's teaching are still available. The seminars are still run in the United States, Italy and Australia; you can find more info at the home page. Also available is their Home Study Course, but recently they have also taken this course online and unlike your typical "speed reading" course, this course address the big picture teaching you things like how to concentrate and focus on tasks.

I haven't yet signed up for this online version, (hopefully soon), but I have subscribe to their newsletter which has been interesting and excites me more to sign up to their "speed reading course" - ( hyperspeedreading. com)

Has anyone done both of these course and is one better than the other?
Mental Photography or Subliminal Dynamics is a "whole-brain learning and hemispheric balancing that super-excites the brain on all levels of consciousness, simultaneously.", so they don't just teach you how to speed read, its more than that!
Correct, it's considerably more than that.
The technical term is: scam.
It's pseudoscientific nonsense.

Has anyone done both of these course and is one better than the other?
Is throwing money down the drain better than simply burning it?

Still, there's no end to gullible people.
Why is this in the intelligence and machines subforum? Does this have something to do with rapid bitmap analysis?
mental photography or photo reading

i would like evryone who is interested in photo reading or mental photography to read this intently. i have been able to purchase the online course zox pro for mental photography. i am as skeptical as veryone bout its actual benefits and not those perceived by advertisers. i will start the course hopefully tomo and keep everyone posted about the progress. if it works out then everyone knows what to do.

also, after having glanced through the course, one thing is clear they ask you to read the material that one has mentally photographed or if i may quote correctly 'speed read'- which is different from speed reading for which several courses are offered. there are several steps to it which i will post regularly to keep everyone abreast. let us debunk this myth or reality.
Finally an Objective study on the Subject!

Found Photoreading in library - intruiging!
If it's possible - very usefull!
I love reading, though.

I will not tell you what the conclusion of the study is - but take a look:

"The true seat of Consciousness is the Subconscious." (or along those lines)
- G.I.G
is better, but put the h, tt and p infront please...

Remember it is one mans opinion, and not nescessarlily(?) valid science!
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