Physicists explain why your earphones are always tangled

technical issue
any 18 and above gold, & silver is likely to be crushed and split with pressure.
specially the connector break-links main connector link

can you just stick it in the middle of a raspberry roll cake


lol The Raspberry Cake Solution, now why didn't I think of that?? ;)
Well, I'm not the only one who gets upset over the ''spontaneous'' tangling and knotting

Many, many replies. Seems like this is a common problem.
In a few days will be getting a Bluetooth pair earbuds which sit in a box to recharge

Goodbye to tangled earphone cables

By the way I have heaps of never been taken out of their wrapping from all the phones and tablets and laptops I have accumulated (oh so many) :)

lol Michael345. I have just one set still in wrapping.
Last time I looked had at least 5 sets ear buds I put in a newly bought large plastic box for dry goods in pantry
I know there is a smaller plastic container almost over flowing and will tip small into large

Much same same with charge cables

I would think that buds don't tangle though. :) I've been brought to tears by my earphones tangling into a figure-8. :)
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I'm sorry but your wrong there are actually male and female coathangers and I don't believe they wear socks. Lol lol