Plastic pollution

Discussion in 'Human Science' started by Bebelina, Nov 23, 2018.


Do you sort your garbage? (plastic in particular)

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  1. mmatt9876 Registered Senior Member

    I have no question behind my question.
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  3. mmatt9876 Registered Senior Member

    Does plastic ever break down in the environment? What does it decompose to?
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  5. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    there is growing scientific data around the chemicals that plastic gets broken down into, that is then a toxin to humans as it is eaten in the food chain.
    this information has probably been around for decades.

    food preservatives made from petroleum oil is a good example.

    simple answers do not always give you the surrounding and background knowledge and understanding to comprehend what the answer to your question means.
    i have read hundreds of pages on this stuff so please excuse my quick annoyance in the subject.
    it is not personal

    potato chips have used a petroleum derivative for an anti-oxidant for decades.
    roughly a teaspoon of the stuff will kill you instantly.
    however, it is added in trace amounts to prevent the potato chips from browning with age via oxidation.
    it extends the shelf life extensively.
    add that to someone who eats them frequently with lots of alcahol...
    maybe it has a compounding effect to metabolise the carcinogenic properties into a blood soluble solution that then deposits in places to then cause dna/cell mutation=cancer.

    this type of data is only just starting to be released with longer term better quality science.

    another area of common contact is plastic softeners and sticky tape adhesives.
    HIGHLY carcinogenic !

    organic life does not live in the petroleum compound

    humans don't eat coral
    fish do(they eat the coral eggs)
    fish require coral to exist so do some marine mammals

    the trace amount of toxins in coral eggs is negligible
    however the effect of starvation and reduction in spawning ability vastly increases the damage to fish breeding and sustainable use.
    Last edited: Apr 21, 2019
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  7. wegs Matter and Pixie Dust Valued Senior Member

    I still recycle, but it's more of a homegrown experience now, for me. After learning that much of the West's plastic refuse ends up in China, how is my recycling in my little corner of the world...helping the world? We have to find better ways, and stop buying so many disposable plastic products to begin with.
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  8. mmatt9876 Registered Senior Member

    Thanks for your answer. It sounds like there may be a lot of dangerous chemicals in our water and environment. Hopefully we can come up with ways to reduce our dangerous pollution and clean up our environment for the better of Humans and all life on Earth.
  9. mmatt9876 Registered Senior Member

    I am glad you recycle. The less plastic floating around in our environment the better.
  10. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    if it is your water, then you already own it and don't have to pay for it.

    who owns the flint poison water and sold THEIR poison water to children and pregnant people to drink ? = no one(?). they are all trying to avoid being held liable in-spite of that being a capitalist hypocrisy of their own greed and failed ideology.

    in that case the water is claimed to be owned by everyone to avoid those selling it being held accountable
    meanwhile, to obtain clean filtered non chemically laced non medicated drinking water, you must go to a shop and buy SOMEONE ELSE'S WATER
    it is not your water !
    it s not "our water"

    if its your water then they are not allowed to poison it
    if its their water then they can poison it as much as they like and it is your fault for being poor and buying poison water to begin with(according to their morality and ideology)

    companys are paid to remove the rubbish, they then pay someone else to dump it.

    it is business transactions being done legally but to avoid government regulations.
    like avoiding paying tax even though you are earning millions of dollars and then making profit by making tax rebate claims against the government even though your not paying income tax.
    it is legal in the usa in different forms, even though its intent is to directly avoid having to pay income tax.
    a lot of usa company's call them self's not for profit to avoid having to pay their far share.

    the big issue with the lack of recycling is the cost of building the plant to recycle and then the creation of some type of product that consumers will buy.

    look at the cost of children's plastic toys being purchased by uncaring parents in the thousands of tonns every year.
    parents think they dont have to be accountable for pollution when they purchase something shiny and plastic for the new or small child.

    the capitalist system of greed controls plastic production, purchase & recycling
    that issue is complex to solve and is not just a "recycling issue"
    it is a social cultural issue which has been normalised into ego
  11. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    are 2 completely different things

    greed-ideological-fake-regulations define breaking down as "decompose" to deliver "non state items/chemicals"
    what they break down into is mostly not regulated.
    decomposing is neither good nor bad

    non toxic to the environment(ecosystem plant & animal and insect life and food chain) is the proper term and that changes the entire debate and fake regulations.
  12. Gawdzilla Sama Valued Senior Member

    Google "biodegradable plastic."
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  13. mmatt9876 Registered Senior Member

    By "Our Water" I meant the water that belongs to the natural environment that Human beings lay claim to.
  14. mmatt9876 Registered Senior Member

    I always considered "Break Down" and "Decompose" synonymous but if they are not I apologize.
  15. mmatt9876 Registered Senior Member

  16. Marathon-man Registered Member

  17. Marathon-man Registered Member

    The main plastic companies that produce plastic for other companies should be responsible for the lion's share of plastic refuse. then, working down the line, each company that sells plastic products has to be held responsible in the disposal of it. Right now these companies pocket the profits without being held accountable for the plastic found in our landfills and oceans. if these companies paid their due share or invested in the r/d into biodegradable plastics or play a central role in collecting plastic refuse, then plastic pollution will not exist.
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  18. Gawdzilla Sama Valued Senior Member

    Australian islands home to 414 million pieces of plastic pollution
    Date: May 16, 2019
    Source: University of Tasmania
    Summary: A survey of plastic pollution on Australia's Cocos (Keeling) Islands has revealed the territory's beaches are littered with an estimated 414 million pieces of plastic debris. The study estimated beaches on the Indian Ocean islands are littered with 238 tons of plastic, including 977,000 shoes and 373,000 toothbrushes.

    Text at URL above.
  19. Marathon-man Registered Member

    I believe drone technology could be used to collect plastic debris at the bottom of the ocean. For example, drones can collect plastic and place it in bags that are inflated with air so that they rise to the surface where these bags can be collected.
    But that would be a temporary solution. Unless companies are held liable for the toxic products they introduce into society and into the environment plastic pollution will never end.
  20. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    posting and asking questions like a troll
    im ignoring that member from now on.

    childish questions with no ability to do an self study into the questions they are asking while apologizing to try and leverage victimization appeal.
  21. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    that is completely absurd

    not only will you use massive amounts of fossil fuel to run & produce the drone, the harvesting amount per plastic it uses to harvest with is tiny.

    unless if by drone you meant something the size of a super-carrier, with 500 30 foot drones collecting and bringing it back to a secondary processing super carrier.

    who is going to pay for that ?
    private industry wont
    citizens wont force government to force private companys to pay for it.

    the capital expenditure to build such economically viable machines is too expensive compared to the amount of money that private company will then manipulate and steal off the tax payers in exchange for running such a machine.

    ... what do private companys do with regulation cost ?
    absorb it into their cost of business and deduct it off their net profit ?
    No !

    you need to do some reading into business economics and how company's and markets work to be a constructive part of this part of the debate.

    if your going to be "creative" and invent things, then do that.

    there is no lack of money
    there is only a lack of people willing to supply the money to do it, be those politicians or private corporate or super rich elites.

    it would not be a solution.
    it would be a mitigation process to reduce over all collective mass negative effect.
    plastic would still be going into primary water ways. places like asia where they use their main rivers as a rubbish tip for raw sewage and everything else, medical waste, you name it...
    they do not get stopped by the collection of plastic at sea.

    fish hatchery's are in shallow waters
    where the primary dumping of waste occurs.

    Reefs & mangrove swamps/forests wetland-grass sea-grass, are what maintain the human species ability to survive on the planet.
    that is about to become alarmingly clear to a lot of people in the next few years.
    all be it a bit too late.

    illegal drug dealers operating around schools ?
    illegal prostitutes operating around schools ?

    a large part of the problem is the majority have no idea what they are talking about.

    a war on plastic is probably not a solution(war on drugs?)
    though it appears to be an easy position to sell ring-side seats to(scam money and power with/from as a politician or private contractor or big corporate plastic producer)
    people can claim to be a patriot plastic warrior yet continue to use massive amounts of plastic.

    plastic childrens lunch boxes
    plastic childrens drink bottles
    plastic micro bead cosmetics/shampoo/cleaners
    plastic single use baby nappies

    asking 8 year old school children to solve a global adult created problem of pollution without using any money, may be a great creative exercise for children.
    but it wont suddenly print a trillion dollars and put it into a good idea.
    but it does pay guilt credits to the parents by pretending they are doing something to help while they continue to buy endless plastic toys and crap for the kids as they throw them away...endlessly
    it gives the parents an opioid drug addiction solution to their addiction problem of buying endless plastic crap for their kids.

    ... and the reality of that is probably too hard to convince the drug addict that they are a drug addict before the addiction kills them.
    but thats just the way it is.

    are you ready to start punishing the dealers and bringing them to justice ?
  22. Gawdzilla Sama Valued Senior Member

    You have my most humble apologies for not posting what you want me to post.
  23. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    you have a second profile ?

    i did not put them on my ignore list & i am referring to the member profile whom you refereed to in your reply.

    i am not about to start copy and pasting endless scientific data that they can simply look up themselves if they wanted to.
    even when it is couched in apologies.

    either troll
    or very bad language translation
    or someone who simply does not care about the subject and is just bumping the topic out of pure boredom to try and play some type of puppeteer game because they feel a need to pretend they have power to make other people do things... like an early teenage child

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