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I've observed a problem: The Parapsychology forum is treated exactly the same as the Pseudoscience forum. I wish to clear things up. Pseudoscience includes parapsychology, but not all pseudoscience is parapsychology. All flies are insects, but not all insects are flies.

Key terms must be defined so we can see the difference clearly. Here is what Wikipedia has to say about pseudoscience:

Pseudoscience is any alleged body of knowledge, methodology, belief, or practice that is claimed to be scientific or made to appear scientific but does not adhere to the scientific method. The term comes from the Greek root pseudo- (false or pretending) and "science" (from Latin scientia, meaning "knowledge"). [...]

As it is taught in certain introductory science classes, pseudoscience is any subject that appears superficially to be scientific or whose proponents state is scientific but nevertheless contravenes the testability requirement, or substantially deviates from other fundamental aspects of the scientific method.

This covers topics such as astrology, intelligent design, and ghosts. Basically, if it's marketed as science, but it doesn't follow the scientific method, it's pseudoscience.

Parapsychology is a specialized pseudoscience. Again I refer to Wikipedia:

Parapsychology (from the Greek: παρά para, "alongside" + psychology) is the study of ostensibly paranormal psychological phenomena. Phenomena studied include extra-sensory perception, psychokinesis, and survival of consciousness after death; parapsychologists call these phenomena psi, a neutral term non-suggestive of what causes the phenomena or experiences.

So we don't talk about general topics of pseudoscience in Parapsychology. We talk about one particular topic, psi. Unfortunately, it appears many don't know this distinction, or don't care.

I will attempt to make sure that all topics in Parapsy somehow deal with parapsychology. I will move threads that don't fit here to a more appropriate forum. [Thread=71209]Here[/Thread] are [Thread=16425]particular[/Thread] [Thread=74740]examples[/Thread] of [Thread=20475]inappropriate[/Thread] [Thread=71109]threads[/Thread] for those interested. If you are unsure if your thread concerning pseudoscience also concerns parapsychology, I suggest posting it in Pseudoscience. Everything that fits in Parapsy fits in Pseudosci, even if the opposite isn't true. You won't get in trouble if you post here in error, don't worry. Just think before you post, and if in doubt, go to Pseudosci.

As always, any questions or concerns about this or any Parapsy matter can be sent to me through a personal message. Thank you for your time and cooperation. :m:

— Rick
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