Population Supernova


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I know this you may be getting tired of all of my gerontology threads, but when the treatment(s) come around, it's all you'll be thinking of. The question of this topic is not <i>if</i> an extreme life extension will come around, but <i>when</i>. We already figured out how to inhibit/add telomerase to isolated cells, and doing the same to a whole organism should not be to great of a leap. After about 10 years or so from the introduction of this "treatment", there will be population boom larger than EVER before. Death rate will drop sharply, while birth rates may or may not be affected much.

What do you think would be a good way to manage this population?

What do you think the maximum carrying capicity of the Earth is, and what would be the quality of life because of the way that you reached that conclusion?

It would also be very interesting if you posted your prediction of the state of the world (wars/political movements).

thanks, tetra
Oh isn't Earth wonderful? Like the Devil!

Do not take this personal tetra, but for all you enviromentalists that think we must stay on this mudball and reserve what is here. I have "news" when denial and desparation comes my way I'm going flip the bird and get dangerous. Do you know how fustrating it is for me to see people who think about zero population growth and think they are going to be sitting on their asses being stupid doing a 9-5 job for the next 30 years while NASA is still futzing around with getting John and Jane Doe - "Tito" into orbit? FUKTHAT. I might as well flip the bird to the entire earth population while I sail on my rocket to the stars. I AM NOT GOING TO TOLERATE A DECREASE IN SCIENCE/INVENTIONS AND PRESERVE MYSELF FOR CLOSE MINDED PEOPLE WHO THINK WE CANNOT LEAVE THIS FREAKIN PLANET! Having many children and ruling the stars is what makes us invincible... Hail to inventions and the common man!

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Oh, this one calls for some speculation! Begs for it in fact! Remember, you asked for it

If increasing life expectancy was something for the common man. It wouldn’t be more than a few generations and you’d have more people than you’d know what to do with. Ever see that poster of long ago where there is nothing but people jammed shoulder to shoulder? That’s what you’d get if it were unchecked. Not enough housing, not enough food, not enough service of whatever kind. Simply overwhelmed.
We would be forced more or less into welfare society with government controlling job dispensing. Of the few rather than for all. Unless there was a make work type of program. For those with out, the dole. Endless poverty for all but a few.
My speculation would be that we would begin to build up and down. Imagine endless warrens in the earth of hold the population. The more you’re willing or able to pay the closer to the sky you live. The higher, the less the crowding, until only the very rich could live in the isolated heights.
Food for those on the dole? Probably soy type cakes, algae enhanced with additives to try to do something for the taste. Pushers peddling movies featuring food as the subject. "Hey, ever seen stuffed turkey? This one's hot!
Most likely some kind of body bank for transplant parts. Where do the parts come from? Criminals. No good to society, only a constant drain. Let them live while the parts are removed a piece at a time. Drugs for the unease and pain.
Life would be both a blessing and a burden. Living longer would bring about changes in laws reflected by the increased life length. More value to life as far as what it’s perceived worth was. Pointing toward more petty laws where one could be thrown in jail for the slightest infringement. Stricter in what constituted a danger to society at large. A commonly encouraged viewpoint for jails would be more transplants available for everyone else to make it acceptable to society.
Wars, I don’t think so. But this style of social order would breed the malcontent. Keeping revolution down would be a day to day event. Those caught would be fodder for the transplant bank.
Not a pretty picture, eh? But then it is speculation. I invite others to paint their pictures of the future. They certainly don’t need to be as glum. But I do not hold out hope that we will "do the right thing".

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Modified Older People would be invaulable

Older people with modified longevity to live longer would be 'invaulable' to a whole new generation. To adress this issue, Mars is the candidate for population overflow...

We don't explore like we use too. People use to risk life and limb to explore for new land or riches. Nowadays its scarce to see an inkling of what was the way to do this by European explorers. We have robotics to take place for the risk of losing human life which is priceless. Mars could be made breatheable wet and warm and we can see the planet in the night sky. We should send mutant green algae because they will mega flourish in the ultra rich iron and insanely terraform this planet and show the ecowackies a thing or too.

Earth Orbit, Moon and next...
The Exodus Path The most logical approach to space based on reality today.


MARS - Terraforming

Thaw Mars out in 20 years into seas/oceans
covering the planet. Then in comes greening with
plants for a breathable atmosphere. Mars is Ours.

my website:
Moving toward colonization

Oh, I hate to say this, but....
There will be no meaningful mass exodus to Mars. Cost of resources and necessary materials will prevent such from happening. It's hard to get funding through congress for any space exploration much less hauling folks there for the sole purpose of moving them.
I wish that weren't so but such is life.
Unless oxygen and nitrogren can be found on Mars neither will the algae work. Not to mention that it is at present just to darn cold for any algae to survive, much less flourish.
On the contrary

If you built the two average nuclear power plants as suggested there is enough Super CFC's to create a snowball effect in 20 years. stated in Mars.htm -
then the green algae of course...
No colony anytime soon

Building two nuclear power plants would be quite a task at our present level of tech and propulsion. As it is we have problems launching probes with nuclear power. The greenpeacers are up in arms over the launch of radioactive materials which might come back to earth or be blown up by self-destruct if anything goes wrong. But the shear weight of something so massive would cause us problems. Would you care to ride the ship that hauled it?
Finding lead may be a real problem on Mars. You could reduce the weight if you didn’t have to haul a lot of shielding. If there were radioactives on Mars then you would most likely find lead also. But getting to it would still leave you with a problem, as you would need equipment to get it out of the ground. Which throws you right back to the weight verses propulsion problem.
If you want to spend the time to make your equipment there then you have to plan to stay a long time. Because you will have to figure how to power the equipment you’ll need to fabricate it with. Before you can stay you need sufficient resources to stay alive for that extended amount of time to allow the basics to be built.
The individuals who would have to perform such tasks would have to be exceptional people to manage to build all of this. You can supply the info and data but there are so many overlapping skills required to get the necessary precision in each task that it would be really hard to find them.
Don’t get me wrong, I would really like to see a colony there. I just don’t think it’s going to happen as fast as in our lifetime. We still haven’t explored Mars enough to answer the fundamental questions needed to know to set up the valiant explorer with what he’ll need to survive. We can not send them out prepared for oceans of water under the ground, only to find there is not a trace anywhere.
Nuclear power plants by themselves will not produce CFC's.
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Mars Ahoy!


Considering the 'problems' we're having with ISS already, I doubt that even establishing a colony on the Moon within twenty years or so is likely. But, at least we could get there in a few days if things got AFU.
The savior of all

The key to many if not all of the problems above is **FUSION**. With it it'll be no problem to feed the earth (or extraplanetary colony). All you do is make a building and plug in a light bulb. We could escevate tunnels under the earth for this purpose. And if this doesn't go so well and the earth's surface is overpopulated with hungry people. I see no reason why there wouldn't be all out war. Maybe not by governments since they have nuclear weapons, a mighty deterent. What I'm talking about is massive rebel movements to aquire land and food. We'll see if things come to pass. And like someone above said, if they don't build a colony on moon/mars/elsewhere by the time i'm 50 and wealthy I'll build my own damn rocket!
Go ahead! Be the leader to show the way for all of earth to follow. Nothing wrong with that.
I'll be in my lab...

I'll be in my lab trying to uncover anti-grav/warp drive...

Until then hail nabit smurfs!

humans may appear weak but think of all our emotions, we probably have more than the rest of the E.T. lot... We can die on this rock or we can become the most abuntant presence among the stars. Being human is a powerful emotion in and of itself.

we are human we CAN do space.... R U human?
weird, i do my own experiments too. My simple goal is a little wonder i like to call "Gravitron Shielding".
Hey Papa_Smirf after I'm done installing my RAM come over to my house and we'll complete this goal of "Gravitron Shielding" :cool:
i don't know. Do you think you have the balls to warp space and time?! MWAHAHAHHAHA! (mad scientist laugh) :D
Just the thought of it (doing space) is enough to stir my emotions (and make me turgid).

Here's to messing up the Universe! We're HUMANS! Why should we stop with just messing up the home planet?
Is the 3rd link another hammel motor like in the 1st link only with a holder? I can't really tell from a top view.
the 3rd link is simply a levitating device.

the 3rd link is simply a levitating device. It is just to demonstrate pure suspension...
Wake up y'all!!!

There isn't any change we can live on mars in this century.
When we place one man on mars in the next two decades, we must be very proud of our species.
And a base on mars, that can be realised in about twenty years.
But on this base, there won't be any birth and (natural) dying.
before we can live on Mars our whole live with more people to start a mars generation we'll be at least hundreds year further.

And in this century, the population supernova will be a fact, so my view of our future:

a planet where everything is planned, every square meter must be used for a certain goal. So there will be large fields for agriculture, large city's, and offcourse the minimum of nature we need.
No round structures, everything the same size so no space won't be used optimal.
Yeah we have the balls to do it papa_smirf... we have more f.ucking balls than the Celtics locker room.