Possessed Dog - Funny but serious

I don't think that the dog was possessed. He was just angry because of the tick and fleas that caused itchiness in his paws.
In the case of cats with FHS, there can be attacks on the tail. Occasionally provoked by the appendage twitching involuntarily on its own, thus allowing the cat to regard it as foreign parasite / intruder once the lack of control becomes apparent. Just a hop there to it sometimes happening with a paw / leg.

The canine version of hyperesthesia is most often cited as a symptom of distemper virus, which is unlikely in the case of the dog in the video. But when considering the lack of consensus with the cat affliction -- all the multiple theories / potentially different causes of hyperesthesia in felines, it seems feasible that a similar range of possibilities could pertain to dogs. For the latter, the label of CH itself just happens to be exclusively reserved for CDV as the cause.

"Some of these attributes, in an extreme form, are components of the syndrome known as feline hyperesthesia. Cats affected by this syndrome show the most bizarre character changes, sometimes appearing to hallucinate, act manic, schizophrenic, or even 'possessed'. [... including ...] Tail swishing, fixation with tail, tail chasing, or vicious attacks directed toward the tail." --petplace.com; Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome

Is there a human version of this? Like people cutting themselves or picking their own skin till it bleeds?