Post-Traumatic Stress and UFos


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Hello everyone:

I am a Psychology grad student studying for my doctorate in Psychology. I have specialized in PTSD and counseled for years. I am bringing up the topic of PTSD, because of an interesting case I recently had. I was counciling a woman who was manic depressive. Her regular therapist identified she had symptoms of PTSD, although he did not know why- and referred her to me. By the way symptoms of PTSDare as follows: Period of your life you cannot remember (i.e. Years of your childhood completely missing, substance abuse, manic depression, and increased sexual desires or greatly decreased. The woman after several sessions confided she believes she had been abducted by aliens. She remembers various things occuring at night to her, by the so called grey aliens. She drew me pictures etc. and was very convinced of the matter. However, as I am a specialist in PTSD, I continued to push the limits with regressive therapy. One thing you must know about PTSD is that the human brain is very complicated. Often a person can go their whole life with not remembering the incident that occured, even minutes after the event.
Back to the story, after intensive therapy the woman identified and remembered she was sexually abused by her father. After identifying, the aliens at night no longer came around. In therapy many of the things she identified the aliens as having done her Father had done to her. She confronted her Father and discussed with other family members and others had been abused as well. What happened to her occured to others in her family.
I am writing the story as a warning to members of the list. The human brain is very complex and can try to hide things, but it always comes out in another way. I have sent a research paper into several publications. I will post later to the group where it is accepted.

R. Blake
Interesting, but I don't think this applies for thousands of others.And
certainly not for radar or ground trace
evidence among other things. Studies have been done on others by professionals
and they did not come to the same conclusion.

First, of all I have studied the issue as well. I have not come across a single research article that was valid and widely accepted, and repeatable (as good research is. Second, I have studied PTSD for 10 years and as I have said found the human brain and its memory very remarkable. Many people suffer throughout their life of PTSD and never really know what happened and can recall nothing what so ever. A psychologist has to be specifically trained for the warning signs and the nthe treatment of PTSD. Many abuse victims, veterans and Traumatic event people can recall nothing and think nothing happened at all. I have treated Veterans who cannot recall even being a veteran. Their memory has completely blocked out all recollection of the events.

Think about it and research the topic yourself.

R. Blake
I have ptsd and still remember my events and the events that caused the ptsd. How do you explain physical markings and nosebleeds and implants etc i dont think ptsd is the answer at all maybe in some cases but not too many.Theres a big difference between someones parent molesting them and an alien and how do you explain the so many millions of people being abducted from the around the globe? you expect me to believe they all have ptsd? i dont think so.

Eric Cooper
R. Blake, I wonder if you know anything about flashbacks. I had a short flashback a few years ago that may indicate that a paranormal type of abduction may have been taking place in my life. In one split second I received a lot of detailed information about the event. "When" the flashback took place is also kind of interesting. I would like to tell you about this if you are interested.

If you studied the UFO phenomenon
and think theres no good evidence then
you have not been looking very hard.
I myself saw a few disc shaped craft throughout the years from very close distances do I have PTSD? I can give you many remarkable cases the skeptics do not address.I've researched UFO's seriously
for many years and I have come to the conclusion that man is not alone and never was alone. I suggest you look a little harder and I hope you don't group
all abduction cases under PTSD. Trust
me you'll be making a big mistake that
I promise you.

Hold on now, It is not that I do not think UFO's dont exist. I am skeptical, but I have an open mind. My post was concerning PTSD. Basically, to warn those on the list who have encountered an abduction, investigate your life, do you have any of the symptoms I posted to the list? IF so it is very likely something else has occured and you need serious treatment. IF all of you are going to get in a huff anout it, it just proves my earlier post. Aliens are a matter of faith and faith only. There is no real evidence that cannot be explained.

So there is no real evidence that cannot be explained? Have you ever heard of Project Blue Book? I'm using this
example because it was a program the
US Air Force created to see what you just said wasn't there...unexplainable evidence. Of the many cases examined
some where attributed to natural phenomenon, some to misidentified aircraft,and I believe 10 to 20 percent
of the cases were totally unexplainable
given the radar returns, eye witness
reports, and trace evidence of something definitally happening but filed unknown.

To quote you in your previous post-
" It is not that I do not think UFO's
don't exist" This is a double negative
I think your subconscious mind gave you away. You do not believe in UFO's.Of
course, I'm not a Psychologist.
Sorry I couldn't resist.

Just how many alien craft do you think would be flying around in the night sky to abduct millions of people? Think about it. They would have to land on every street corner every night to carry that many people off. I think I'll just sit out tonight and see if I can catch a few abduction on camera.

Keep in mind here that the survey (from the other thread) was probably done from a small sample, and a lot of the people didn't know their head form their ass let alone wether they've actually been abducted. We can attribute a lot of this 'I think I have been abducted' talk to media influence. Also, there's no guarantee we'd be able to see their craft or catch 'em on radar.

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How do you come up with millions
of people being abducted? I don't think a serious poll has been done on this, at- least one that I'm unaware of.

What am i missing here? You are writing that you have an open mind, but do not trust evidence or articles that aren't widely accepted?

Now what is the definition of an open mind.. just curious.

I suggest you do some more research on this. Contact a few more abductees, but i guess that it is hard to understand something one has never experienced before...
RBlake- I am a student of psychology myself. I'm into behavioral and abnormal psychology. I also spend countless hours analyzing myself (I know, I know, a fool for a patient...). Let me give you my take, because there's a reason I got into UFO studies and the abduction phenomenon in the first place, and it wasn't because of too much "X-Files".

PTSD is something I have almost immediate experience with. My best friend has it, and I developed a slight tick myself after having Mexican music blasted into my bedroom window every night at 2 in the morning for three years. My friend had a drunken abusive SOB for a father, but rather than freak out in his later years, he went to a therapist to see why he couldn't recall anything before his eighth birthday. He has never seen strange lights in the sky and, to his knowledge, has never been abducted by aliens.

I don't believe that PTSD is at the heart of every abduction case. What I DO believe is that probably 95% of the abduction cases out there can be traced to psychological origins. As for the remainder, something is happening. It's obviously not nice. How do you diagnose PTSD in an "abductee" who hasn't been through any trauma that would cause that part of the mind to go into hiding, has never been sexually abused, but who has pretty clear memories of interacting with "aliens"?

I have to admit some bias in my studies, and I try to account for that. I still approach with a skeptical eye, especially when the description matches the popular media image too closely, but it gets harder and harder to dismiss that 5%.

Is there another root, besides PTSD, that may account for the abduction phenomenon? I know how false memories can get stuck into someone's head, and I'm sure I have a few of my own. For example, I can clearly recall going hiking with my nieces in Prescott, Arizona, even though they never visited us when we lived there.

Up to four years ago, I dismissed all this UFO talk as crap. I found my father's stories little more than entertaining, amusing even. Still, it was all too much CE3K and I laughed it off, sometimes to his frustration. One night we were watching a show about the human brain and my mind began throwing images at me that I tried to shake off. They did NOT match the usual media stuff, and so I tried to link the scenes to a movie or else to what we were watching. I made no such link. It was a bizarre onslaught of memories and flashbacks and I went to bed perplexed. I thought about PTSD or anything I may have read that would have triggered what flashed before my mind's eye. I have still been able to make no connection. Do you have any suggestions?

All-The memories I speak of are not the same ones in my Foggy Mountain Breakdown post.

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