Pre-Murder Trial Anxiety Paranoia?


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Robert Blake's isn't a death penalty trial.
David Westerfield's is. He may not be guilty. Accused of 7-yr old Danielle Van Dam's murder, but Med.Exm. says her body could have been moved after he was arrested, to the site where found.

If polls showed only 15% believed in your innocence, until proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt, and you worried about it, would you be paranoid? Of course not. And those 15% might be the only ones who really studied the case but you'd worry, right?

If you were in his shoes, but didn't know what you're accused of, which Americans have a right to know but may not always know, or say you were being investigated w/out your knowing it, but nearly everyone else knew. Would you be paranoid if you thought their behavior rather strange? They might think you're guilty of something and call you paranoid because they can't punish you any other way.

There'd just be UNKNOWN factors affecting everything, clouding other peoples' perceptions. You might all mutually think each other crazy.

Paranoia is when there are no real enemys, but there's an old saying, even paranoids have enemies. You just don't know their enemies. So, maybe there ought to be a name for people that think all worried people are paranoid? What if you were a mafia person and knew another don was out to make swiss cheese of you but you couldn't completely tell anyone, or he might do it to your whole family, so you couldn't get any help, bodyguards or whatever? Or couldn't afford them. Somebody make a story of some part of this? The protagonist's seemingly impossible problem is, not really paranoia. Is it ever real? You couldn't prove anyone has it because you, or a psychiatrist, don't know the person's enemies or whether or not he has some. He may for some reason be unable to describe the cause of his panic, but for all you know it may be justified. :confused: