Premonition of Darius

Arne Saknussemm

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Riddle me this. A few years back I was standing in front of my house at dusk just enjoying the day. For the sake of science, I have to tell you that I had just has a great big joint and was out there grooving, listening to the Islamic call to prayer and watching the colors changed as the long day waned.

Suddenly I saw my friend, 'Darius', let's call him since that is actually his name, rounding the nearby corner and walking up to meet me. This was odd because he had left the country something like a year earlier, and I never expected to see him again. He had also regretfully informed me that he was no letter writer and that I shouldn't expect to hear from him. Ah well.

In an instant I realized there was no one there at all. No one. No thing. Of course, I then experienced some nostalgic and sentimental feeling for my lost comrade, and went back to my grooving and just being.

A bit later I went in and told the ladies of the house what had happened. They knew I am not at all the sort to experience hallucinations - even if I am high., So they laughed the non-incident off, but not without also fondly remembering old Darius. He was all right. We all liked him just fine.

The next evening at that exact same time, as the Muslims blared their prayers, I was sitting reading when I was informed by one of the women, now slack-jawed, that Darius was at the door!

I am not given to premonitions, and even when I have them, as in this instance, I never imagine that they are premonitions. I just think I am wool gathering.

Now Darius, he is exactly the sort that does have premonitions. He constantly gets creepy feelings, memorable dreams and visions of the future (or so he often claimed) So he was quite interested to hear my story. I thought he was going to tell me that he had been sending out thought waves to me, or had had a similar experience the day before when I had thought he was thousands of miles away never to return, but no. Nothing on his end.

I tend to agree that such stories are meaningless coincidences, but this one happened to me. Never before, and once since, but that really is a minor incident not worth the telling.

Questions? Comments?
Questions? Comments?

No, none other than that is a fun story and a couple of comments. Since this happened a few years back this story has undoubtably gotten better over time. The chances of you thinking of an old friend and him showing up the next day is not amazing. How often did you think of him, I'm sure you will recall that you didn't hardly every think of him, whether it is true or not.

All in all nothing remarkable, but a fun story none the less.
Thank you gentle reader. No, there really is no embellishment accrued over the years. I don't get high any more (hear that, coppers!)

It is a true story. If I were going to make up a story it would be much less mundane. I'd have predicted 9/11 or the rise of the Kardashians, some awful sort of thing like that.

I guess I had thought of my old buddy from time to time, but not much. If I have overstated anything it is what a fine gentleman he was. And just for the record, we had never got high together until just a little while later that very day. I still had my stash. LOL