Problems with Gustav's music thread videos


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When I click to view the music videos posted by Gustav in his music thread, they begin to play, but after a few seconds, the computer begins to send warning signals (the beep-beep sound from the machine). So close the window/tab in which th video is playing.

I can otherwise normally watch videos from various sources.

Does anyone else experience the same problem?

What could be causing it?

Thank you.
Yeah, I have issues with that thread.

Issue: Music is of the devil.
Unless you are singing psalms of praise to the Lord of Lords and/or King of Kings.

Otherwise. Music is Satanic.

About Janus' Addiction, I thought they were over and through. Show's how much I know...

The video plays okay for me, but seems to have some streaming issues. It's a very high quality video stream. Also, seems some youtube videos behave funny for me lately. Like, if I adjust the volume while it's playing, the video freezes on one frame while the audio continues.

Maybe update Flash Plugin? Though I just did that, and hasn't changed some of those videos. The ones on youtube in question seem to have a different border. A little darker.

Must be some of the videos have a different encoding or something? Or Youtube is getting dumber.