Proof Minkowski Spacetime is Poorly Conceived

This movie:

Has got the nature of time itself wrong. It is not the same thing on all proportional scales. Imagine the first watch is on the scale of galaxies, which hardly appear to move to something on our scale at all, because they are on the order of 100,000 light years across, and bulk matter or energy on that scale barely moves at all, proportionally speaking. Consider the time dilation of something that large would experience at that scale, rotating FTL. After several tens of orders of magnitude deeper, the watch is on the scale of a fundamental subatomic particle and on that scale, things can indeed happen a great deal faster than a photon can traverse distances between entangled particles forming the numbers on the face of the analog clock.

We need at theory of time itself that is independent of scale, not just relative motion. You won't find it in anything Minkowski ever did.
My thinking is: a straight line is independent of scale, and Minkowski certainly "did" straight lines. There's only one way you can use straight lines to represent one space and one time dimension, and define "now" as an intersection of, the straight lines in the representation (which looks sort of Euclidean because of the, yep, straight lines in it).