Discussion in 'Eastern Philosophy' started by Canute, Oct 28, 2003.

  1. Epictetus here & now Registered Senior Member

    If there were such a thing as prophecy, that is, if the psychics really knew their back passages from a hole in the ground, how is it that none forsaw 9/11? And if any of them claim that they did, then why did they not warn anybody?

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  3. kx000 Valued Senior Member

    Prophecy: Jesus will come in my lifetime, being a college student, and the world will see its first world-wide revolution uniting the nations under a single man...
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  5. Aqueous Id flat Earth skeptic Valued Senior Member

    Prophecy: people will forever attribute utterances from the past to present events, and present and past utterances to their expectations about events in the future, and they will do so with a presumption that the utterance and the event are causally connected.

    Prophecy-Not: religious writings and utterances of religious figures are in no way (other than the self-fulfilling kind) causally connected. Writings that occurred after the fact, but pretended to be written before the fact, are most common examples. Over time, more and more people who were scammed only to finally figure out what time it is; fewer sheep are led astray thereafter, as word gets around.

    Prophecy: science will continue to rid people of their superstitious beliefs.

    Prophecy-Not: religions obstruct science because it is toppling their superstitious pillars of faith.
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  7. wellwisher Banned Banned

    What about the global warming prophesies; there will be floods and bad weather? What about environmentalists prophesies about man destroying the earth; the species of the earth shall lie in the dust?

    In all cases of prophesies, people look at trends and extrapolate that to the future, making confident assertions, which play on emotions, such as fear.

    These two doom and gloom versions of modern prophesies, seem right for the times because they hit a cord inside the unconscious mind of many people. This affect is connected to the symbols behind the projection. In other words, instead of look at a prophesy, like global warming literally, you look at it symbolically as a symptom of something inside the collective unconscious, that is not natural.

    With global warming symbolism, the earth is heating up due to man's intervention. This will then trigger all types of disasters. The chemical that is causing this, CO2, is, ironically, an important aspect of the life cycle on earth; critical to life due to its connection to the sun; photosynthesis.

    The earth would symbolize natural instinct, while human intervention is harming instinct, due to willpower and choice leading to synthetic or artificial behavior, that is throwing natural instinct out of balance. The sun and CO2, when it balance is needed by life, but since instinct is out of balance, the sun (inner self) is causing instinct to heat up; potentiate.

    The almost obsessive call to save the earth reflects the inner need to preserve the natural from the unnatural; within humans. This unnatural behavior is causing instinctive potentials to increase; symbolized by global warming. If this was true, it would be reflected in higher levels of instinctive impulse in culture; obesity; stronger hunger, etc.

    Predictably, the strongest supporters of the global warming prophesies are the atheist religion. These are the people who unconsciously project the growing instinctive potentials due to artificial behavior. There are those who don't experience the same level of projection; more natural with less potential. They don't feel the prophesy projection in the same way. The herd is split.

    Prophesies are often about the impact of collective human social behavior on the natural working of the unconscious mind; personality firmware. This is why symbols like dragon, etc are often used; firmware ID. It tells you which firmware is doing what due to culture. As the artificial causes the natural potentials to increase, culture itself gets potentiated. There is then an inevitable correction to the collective once the activation energy is reached.
  8. Aqueous Id flat Earth skeptic Valued Senior Member

    Reading trends in a data set is prophecy.
    Prophesy is an ongoing scam.
    Anti global warming denialism, like prophesy, invades the collective consciousness with symbolism.

    CO[sub]2[/sub], CH[sub]4[/sub], N[sub]2[/sub]O, O[sub]3[/sub][sup]-[/sup]
    [Shh. The earth is not heating up due to human activity.]
    [Shh. The biosphere is not crashing as we speak.]
    Ironically, nature sequestered carbon in organic matter that became petroleum. Ironically, we burn it releasing CO[sub]2[/sub]. Ironically, folks deny it.
    The symbolic potentiate of the solar inner self imbalances the instinctive drive to produce CO[sub]2[/sub].
    vs the obsession to destroy it

    thus preserving the unnatural from the natural
    if any of the post were true the instinctive impulse to deny earth science would be reflected in increasing potentials toward unnatural behavior: increasing hunger, stronger obesity, warmer globing, etc.
    Since the godless shall not inherit the earth, their global warming predictably supports strong atheist religious prophesy.

    The godless instinctive potentials unconsciously project their artificial people against denialist behavior due to growth.

    The herd's cloven projections feel less potential in the same way those who don't experience more natural projections do.

    The firmware activation energy impacts the collective culture in dragon symbols causing natural potentials to increase the artificial causes of culture, once potentiated though personality firmware of the unconscious mind. Only then is there an inevitable correction of the firmware ID by prophesy.
  9. Rav Valued Senior Member

    You forgot to mention that the activation potential of the prophecy module in the personality firmware is governed by a culturally sensitive algorithm that produces artificial corrections in the collective.
  10. Aqueous Id flat Earth skeptic Valued Senior Member

    I was just messing around. What you said was awesome! Now we're getting somewhere! ...some folks will need an upgrade just to understand you....

    Please, people: prepare for the program patch to the parietal procedure that is precluding proper parsing of this poster's poignantly posed proposition!
  11. wellwisher Banned Banned

    It is not so much the data trends which show a slight global warming over the past century; 1 degree, but the willingness to accept the prophesies of what shall happen in the latter days (future) due to global warming. These are two things and should not be merged, emotionally.

    For example, each year there is doom and gloom about the newest flu. The data comes out with an anticipated loss of life, if we don't act. This prophesy panics the herd and they line up for the shot. The flu is real but the future is not.

    The vaccines runs out and there is not enough for all. But it doesn't matter in the end, because it was mostly emotions getting the best of reason. This same merge between fact and prophesy extrapolation occurs in global warming. If the temperature data is true then, polar bears will be extinct! The second does not have the same proof as the first.

    All you need to do is go back twenty years ago and see what has come true based on the global warming prophesies of that time. The ocean never rose like expected. The heating is still less than 1 degree over a century. The reaction to the prophesy was emotionally inflated beyond the prophesy data, due to fear. How many fell for the ocean rising prophesy a decade ago? That was not good science like the temperature data but provides an activation energy.

    The order is actually a little different. A cultural sensitive algorithm produces an artificial adjustment in the social collective, which deviates from natural. This creates the activation energy to help induce the dynamics of any prophesy module, so the personality firmware, within the collective unconscious, can collectively activate for a natural correction. As long as natural is followed, there is less potential. It needs artificial to get the process going. The stronger the induction the more impact the culturally sensitive algorithm had on the psyche.

    Religions have their own prophesy because being perfect is not natural. This is why their prophesies tend to polarize into the best and worse of human nature. This exercises the repressed natural. The Global warming prophesy has a connection to relative behavior and instinct, neither of which is very natural.
  12. 4ester44 Registered Member

    Ugh, this prophecy is so simple, it's so easy to understand “When the iron bird flies, and horses run on wheels, the Tibetan people will be scattered like ants across the world, and the Dharma will come to the land of the red faced people”

    The Iron birds are Air Planes , The horses that run on wheels are automobiles , the dharma is the teaching of buddhism and the land of the red faced people is north america or the united states
  13. 4ester44 Registered Member

    this prophecy has already been fulfilled. The Iron birds fly and wheeled horses rule the planet , and people of tibetan descent aren't only in tibet.
  14. spidergoat pubic diorama Valued Senior Member

    Airplanes aren't made of iron, horses don't run on wheels, Tibetans are still in Tibet, and red faced people could easily be Mongolians.
  15. 4ester44 Registered Member


    Fine, what do you think they meant
  16. 4ester44 Registered Member

    And I know horses don't run on wheels but they were using symbolism, since there were no cars around a very long time ago, they rode horses, you have to steer a horse, you have to give a horse fuel. try thinking, and not being negative and snappy toward people, and instead try to imagine the inventions of today and symbolism behind what they meant, but since your so sure of yourself what did they mean to you
  17. 4ester44 Registered Member

    And also

    There are tibetans around the world, there are people of tibetan descent in canada, there are people of tibetan descent in the u.s. , so, think before you speak instead of trying to be snippy at people, I know people of tibetan descent and i'm in california
  18. wellwisher Banned Banned

    Prophesies are 3-D symbols from the collective unconscious via the right brain. They are not designed to be taken literally using left brain association and differentiation. They need to be translated with collective human symbolism.

    A bird is an animal of the air and is therefore not symbolically anchored to the earth. As such, the symbol of the bird is connected to free floating thoughts instead of instinct; blue sky research is not yet anchored in reality but is in the air. An iron bird would be heavy such that it could not fly for long but will soon fall to the earth. What is in the air will soon materialize.

    The horse is a very intelligent animal that is like an extension of the skilled horseman; work as a team. The horse symbolizes the unconscious mind and the animal within connected to our instincts. The horse within (our instinct) may need food, but we the rider (ego) controls the reins and can make the horse (body) walk on before we eat.

    Wheels were chosen because these are round and therefore symbolize the center of the collective unconscious or the inner self. Horse on wheels would be analogous to being driven by instinct from the center of one's being. Wheels provide mechanical advantage just as being driven by instinct (passions) adds an elements of ease via the compulsion; war is about to materialize via an instinctive call of the wild, as the inner self leverages and integrate humans within 4-D; spatially integrating in time.

    The land of the red faced people; red is the color of passion and emotions; fire. The wheel is leveraging emotions. Our face is one thing that makes each of us unique, since each will look slightly different from the next. Yet the color red is collective and means human emotions.

    I would guess this means people lose their uniqueness, as the calling of the wild materializes. As an analogy, people can lose their individuality as a mob forms, as each person become like cells within a larger entity; mob mentality. The Dharma retains his wisdom and control but sees the mob materialize.

    Tibetan people will be scattered like ants across the world. Ants are a colony critter and although they will scatter over an area to hunt and build, they remain connected to the colony.

    It appears both the conqueror and the vanquished are defined within the symbolism.
  19. Forceman May the force be with you Registered Senior Member


    There are avatars everywhere, and when a person makes a prophecy they have to overcome an avatar. Prophecies in the Bible wouldn't be possible without avatars, and the fact that Buddha starved himself in memory of the great Gandhi is startling. What will manifest is always obvious and what's gonna happen is always prophecied, but no one ever knows what's going to end of sphere. Too much confusion blocks ultraviolet rays form entering the earth and the Earth and Earth. Heaven shines down on the earth but no one perceives it. It's like cosmic radiation making new superheroes. To achieve ultimate status you have to accept something. To accept something is not to make a choice but to accept dharma.

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