Prophecy-Future-Whats gonna happen?


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I am not sure if this is the place for it, but it is as close as i could get to it.

I am cross-reading this board pretty often, and still i couldn find this.

There is a lot of prophecy stuff, and what might happen in the future(taken from the boards) , alien invation, one world government, Christs return,Y2K, strange weather patterns and all the rest of it..

What do YOU think will happen in the near future?

So regardless if you are a christian or not, or whatever you consider yourself to be, What is your take on it? Will life go on as normal, or is there something coming our way.

Now.. lets hear it ;)

Just waiting for my peabrain to boot into English :)

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I belive that life will go on like normal for a while. I belive in the bible, and according to the bible there will soon come an end to this horrible world. But you dont know if its gonna come before 2015, or after. The bible doesnt give an exact date.
Well now... Whats gonna happen?
There will be a war, a great one, but not between people, and its not an unfair war. Its a war who will justify God, and where he´s gonna put an end to all pain, all crying, and all unjustice. And after that, there will be like it was ment to bee from the beginning, a paradis with happy people.
Its very hard to belive today, but if you read the whole bible and understand what it was ment to be like, and why everything went wrong, then you´ll see that it will happen.
And may it be soon!
The final end is. The hand of every man will be against the other. It is not world war 3, or atomic bombs, or the new world order, or one world government. The end times begin when the populations understand and realize that it's all been a lie starting about 5500 BC by a man named Nimrod, the founder of Babylon. {Babylon the Great is civilization itself) Babylon is the cradle of civilization where-from all this began. The end times begin "after" the public puts away civilization and relate to one another under the original terms of Adam in the begining. At the time of Adam civilization was not, as Adam is not a civilized personage as he was before Nimrod. After the people desolve civil authority they will also know and understand to live in peace. The peacetime will proceed for a number of years (unspecified)and then the populations will want to return to the former. But without civil authority (which was rejected) they will exceed beyond all known evil as never before. When that time arrives there will be no control or any means to stop them. The only survivers will be the ones (very few) that refused all participation in the events and remained seperated off in hidden places they find to await the passage of those events as all at that time will see the things of destrution comming, even those who perish. They will know that their kind of wanted world is an impossibility and would rather be dead then live according to Adam. No people have ever gone to war against others as war has always been initiated by leaders, and leadership over others is the first precept of war and strife.
Huh? Ok, here's my 2 cents. This topic is my "thang", you know, as it is why I began hanging around in this forum to begin with. Not that I've really been able to figure out jack shit, but I'm keeping an open eye on things. I think that aliens have something to do with end-times events. What, I'm not sure. But anyway...if I had to come up with a probable scenario, it would be this...

I think that Y2K will not be as devastating as many extremists think. It's not like the whole world will just come to an end on 1/1/00, but I do think that it will do some pretty major damage. Kind of like a snow-balling effect. The US is pretty prepared, but we forget that other countries that we have significant ties to globally are not. When I think about it, the effects of Y2K are really very dependent upon how far we've removed ourselves from God, and relied upon our own selves for sustanance. For most, it will be a minor inconvenience at first, but the effects of it will be great. In respect to the amount of money that it will take to correct problems, and the global capacity of it. I think that it will really drain a lot of resources that are scarce at the moment anyway. I think that it will cause the stock market to go cluppooy. I also think that the fear that is mounting in regards to it will not help either. People's reactions to it, or preparations for it will probably cause a lot of damage. Panic, I mean, is never proactive but destructive. It seems that a lot of "forces" may be just hanging around in waiting for this event to spring them into action and take ultimate advantage of it. I think that the Antichrist, and the aliens (that's why I think they are related topics) are hanging around and waiting for things to get bad enough for us to NEED them. And I think that we will seem to need something, but not them. That is the deception. False saviours. I think that the weather and global earth changes will also add to this need. Things are getting kind of strange, kind of destructive, and let's face it, it's happened before, and we would be pretty stupid to assume that it won't happen again. The Flood, the dinosaurs, Altantis? I get the impression that the outcome always depends on how much confidence we put in our own creations, and our own paper-mache systems. We do not realize how stupid and fallable we all are without God, and He never fails to show us that eventually. I think that we are coming upon a time such as this. So, anyway, I think that once we are all in a state of despair and panic, the false saviour will step up to the plate with plenty of deceptive evidence and plans to make everything nice-nice again. He will have many great ideas. Ones that we could have come up with on our own a long time ago, if we were all not so busy feeding our egos with the almighty dollar. BUT, and this is a big ol' but, he will eventually DEMAND worship for this things, and for his "power". He will claim that he is the true saviour, and will force those who want to keep their lives to denounce the true Christ. This is the mark of the beast. You know, I also believe in the rapture of the Church, and as I'm not sure when this will happen exactly, I do think that the aliens will have something to do with the "cover up", and that it will add to the worship of the Antichrist in some way. Maybe that will even be more impactive than earth changes or Y2K or anything else. After the rapture, the Holy Spirit will leave the earth with the Church, and things will get nasty, nasty. There will be those who give their lives for Christ during this time (of the Beast). And these are the true heros, for they will have to endure terrible things, but they will know that it is ultimately nothing in comparison to what lies in waiting for God's wrath. Jesus will return with his Church and defeat the Antichrist in the Battle of Armeggedon. I can't get a good picture on the logistics of this situation, as I am not well-educated on foreign affairs, and it seems that changes are taking place so quickly oversees, that I have a hard time keeping up, and trying to see the outcome. Then, the millenium. A 1000 year reign of Jesus Christ. I can't wait. To be able to finally get my head out of my ass, and be able to live as I was meant to. For ignorance, to me anyway, is not bliss, it is frustrating!

God loves you and so do I!
Well. it sure looks like that most people believe that something is coming our way, we just have no clue what it is, or when it is coming.

I want to add a few things though. The rumoured polar shift, where the north pole ends up on top of India, and the South Pole ending up in the middle of Brazil, and West-Sahara. Could this happen? How about a solar storm really making things difficult?

Your guess is as good as mine, but it would be great to hear all of your opinions on this.

Just waiting for my peabrain to boot into English :\
Here we go again.

Reality check: aside from evolution of our civilization, absolutely nothing extraordinary is happening! The world, and especially the solar system, is precisely in the state it has always been (within reasonable time limits, of course). The changes are our pollution of environment and global 'terraforming' activities. That's really all there is.

A killer solar flare, a mile-wide asteroid impact, or a pole shift, is no more likely now than it was 2,000 years ago. There's nothing special about year 2,000 other than the software bug. There will be little special in the next century other than our continued expansion and increasing sophistication.

Oh, but I suppose I won't convince anybody. Doomsayers have always been around, and always will be. Though this does raise a question: aren't our modern lives on average just as boring as lives have always been?

I am; therefore I think.
By "affirmative" I mean I agree. Everything is normal and will be for a some time yet. And as you say, there's nothing unusual in these times and seasons. The
armageddon/end time thing, has been going on for over 2000 years, and it's even in the old testament. Oh hum, yawn, it's going to be a while.
My question to you is this...What were people doing (besides Noah) in the days before the Flood?

God loves you and so do I!
The way i see the future is as follows:

1. Mankind will have invented a totally new language which will be taught in every school of every country on this planet. All people will continue using thier natural native languages in their own nation but they will learn this auxiliary universal language to communicate with other people worldwide;

2. Likewise, a new script will be invented and taught worldwide;

3. A universal monetary unit will come into being and trade will become fair and just, unhindered by the discrepancy of the value of any national currency;

4. A Supreme Tribunal will come into existence of which all governments will be supporting members. The purpose of this Tribunal will be to eliminate injustice committed by one nation over another. Thus, wars will be completely eliminated because no country will be able to face the powerful retributive punishment from a conglomerate unity; that is to say that if a nation took up arms against another, all nations of the earth would come together to crush it!

5. National borders will disappear;

6. Women and men will be considered as having equal rights in almost all matters;

7. The earth will finally be considered one country and all peoples its citizens.

8. Tons of prejudices will disappear from the face of the earth;

Whether you believe it or not, humanity is headed in this direction and there are signs everywhere of the fulfillment of the 8 points raised above. Man today has the liberal choice of reaching the fulfillment of these 8 points either willingly, or by the force of life circumstances which will impose upon him the accomplishment of all these things mentioned.


1) esperanto. (check!)
2) likewise (check!)
3) the dollar. (check!)

As for the others, I think it will be a looong time before those come about (especially in Africa). But I'd say we are on the right path :)

I am; therefore I think.
Yah, this would be a good direction, but one thing we must get rid of in time is the capitalism, because it generally works on greed; everyone wants more money and matter. Because every rich country wants to stay rich, they wont help the developing countries enough that they could become equal. It seems though that even if we do invent a better system, people wont be ready for it in a long time. For example communism would perhaps be a better solution, but as I said, people are still too unprepared and greedy and stuff. Hope things will turn out better though.

"Capitalism" is the root of many ills. Consider, however, that we require some form of money as a means of exchange between people. Money, in itself, is not poison nor bad. It is the moral values that a person cherishes which make his use of money either good or bad. Within a world operating with the framework of the 8 points which i previously posted, i believe capitalism, communism, and even "democracy" don't stand a chance; they simply will be replaced by a form of world government which will mix the positive benefits of kingship and a republic form of government (something like what we have today in the USA, Canada and England). Keeping this in mind, "capitalism" per se will disappear.
In connection to capitalism, again, you state that it works on greed. Of course, i understand that this is a generalization. Greed is, indeed, an offshoot of capitalism, but more so of a decadent morality. But if our government became more just, i believe greed would be checked with taxation. In Canada this seems to be the case. More and more people do not wish to amass wealth because the more one has the more he must give to the government and in the end all the accumulation of wealth simply returns to the government through taxation again!
In Canada some people complain that they are overtaxed without realizing that it is thanks to such taxation that we don't suffer from the many social cruelties existing in such countries as Brazil, for example, where there is no Unemployment Insurance, Social Welfare, etc. Thus, money is necessary as a means of exchange between peoples and if it is used in a bad way it is due to a person's lack of sound morality.

In my view of a united world, there will no longer be any extremes of either wealth or poverty. The existence of the extremes of these conditions will have been eliminated forever! In fact, i am of the opinion that the extremes of many things will be eliminated; extreme ignorance (as is the case with societies that operate based on traditional teachings) versus extreme education (developed countries), for example.

From what I heard on the news, the 7th July 1999, will be the beggining of the end, the start of the 27 year war that will be followed by an era of unpresedented peace for all of man kind.I fyou think I made this up cheak out books about the profocies of Nostradamus, just remember that this guy predicted WW1, WW2, Vietnam and Korea.
I'm still here! I hope you're all okay. I think we might have got away with it. I had the forsight to pretend to be out all day in case armageddon came calling. Is anyone else out there or am I alone, forever to walk the burnt earth in search of other survivors.

Or did we get the date wrong.
What I really fear will happen down the road is that some religious freek will become President and be in the position to push the 'Button' to attack and put us into a Necular War.

The belief doesn't have to have any truth to it, all that is needed is someone to believe
it and act on that belief and damage is done.

If you believe we are doomed anyway, why not just go ahead and get it over ?

Can't happen ???? Hope so
Well. My computer says 4th of January 1990, but thats because the CMOS battery died a long time ago.. I am still here though.

Well Hoping to keep this thread alive by asking you this.

While many agree, and many dont.with this topic, what do you feel about all the "propaganda" thats out there?

"All i say is keep looking".

About Nostradamus.. I do believe in many of the things that he has foretold, but the problem is that no one has been able to recognize the prophecies before the events have happened. Everything has been discovered AFTER the events. I dont know if you reffered to him now with that 7th July prediction.
When i am on the subject here.. I guess many of you have read this quatrain:

"The year 1999 seven month,,
From the sky will come a great King of terror:
To bring back to life the great King of Angolmois,
Before after Mars to reign by good luck"

It might have been this one that you were reffering too. I am no master in French, but the word "seven" is "sept" in French. Or September which once was the 7th month before Julius Ceasar messed it up.

What do you feel about this prediction.. if anything?

"All i say is keep looking".

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The best type of government to come will be Sectional Democracy. Basically it is a mix of capitalism and socialism.

2000 is going to be nice, but watch out for june 2001

Yours zygos
Democracy is a definition that no longer exist. The greeks proved this by demonstrating that democracy do not function with a population over 4000 people. Olgyarchy is the way every "democratic" government functions today. .

I am thinking about May 5th 2001..

"All i say is keep looking".