Proposal: Merge "Nerd Culture" and "Computer Science"

The "Nerd Culture" and "Computer Science" forums should be merged.

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The "Nerd Culture" and "Computer Science" forums are sufficiently similar in content and should be merged. Even though the intended tone of discussion differs (one is formal, one is casual), this is not readily apparent and the two would be better served as a single forum, giving up real estate on the main page for other forums.

Does the membership concur?
Are people into computer science also nerds? Oh Definitely. ;)

My philosophy is always the less sub-groups the better, until it gets too chaotic. More sub-groups always means the discussions are more spread out. For example, people who only click on nerd culture and never computer science or the other way around are always going to miss out half of the discussions even though they might be able to contribute to both.
I agree. Most members that post in the Computer Science section are nerds. Just make sure it has a snazzy name... Like:

l33t N3rd Cultur3 & Computer Science

Also, I've always thought that merging scifi and A&C might be a good idea. A majority of the threads that start in A&C are started in Scifi, an vice versa (It might also pump some life into the scifi section - God willing)
CounslerCoffee said:
Well, if you go through with my idea, we need to give it a cool name. Something like "Sup3r l33t Scifi/Cultur3".

Slight correction:

"SuP3r L33t sCiFi / CuLtUr3"

That's more like it.
Theres definitely been a lot of crossposting, between CS and NC, but I'm not sure I'd merge them. I read just about every post that belongs in CS, but some of the NC stuff is just crap.

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