Proposal: Most Powerful Country in the World (Military, Economy, etc.)

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What is the most powerful country? Obviously it's the U.S. but there people who will disagree. We have the most capable military, we have the most individual influence in the worldwide economy, and many other reasons.
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terms of the debate: military raw force decides who is the most powerful. Give precise latest military weapons that can annihilate the enemies as proof.
Thermonuclear bomb ftw.:p No but the US has the most political military and economic influence.
I'll go with both then....
of all time up to this current date keeping inflation in mind and technology out i would say the Mongolian Empire was the most powerful... though it wasn't really a country per say. But currently i would have to say China has us licked on most fronts... you look at their stock market indexes and it's in the 14,000 range, their military seems to be more powerful and they don't have as much debt as other nations.
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