Psychology: Why do people resist to changes?


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Because when someone's conception of reality is challenged, the person lose the ground which bases his/her life in.

New ideas destroies the basic conceptions of your beliefs making you ungrounded in relation to your net of beliefs necessary to give you a reason for your existance and for the world that you see as you see it...

When someone gives you a new idea you instantly, consciently or not, become in a position of defensive and try to prove your ideas right.

ANY change in your life brings you a discomfort. It's like getting out of home, when you are an young adult. You feel umcomfortable because everything changes. But that's the basic thing in Life: Changes.

Everything will always change in your life no matter what you do. Those who are open-minded are in peace because they accept the changes. Those who are not usually manifests the lack of peace by attacking those who have the new ideas.

Those who have new ideas always shake the others, who prefer to stay in their circle of comfort instead of exploring the unknown.

PS: Why don't we have a Psychology Forum...?:confused:

yup... and the longer he/she has that conception of reality, the more that person feels discomfortable to change their ideas....
Have you ever tried to convert an IBM PC (WinTel) into a Mac PC?

That is what happens to the human brain. It gets hardwired as time passes. Very difficult to self-rewire - but doable.
Nelson, you are beginning to sound like Gene - you are educated stupid!- Ray! :p

Boy, we Skeptics don't mind exploring the unknown. Exploration is one of the real pleasures of life.

We like to keep our minds open - but not so open that our brains fall out.

And, I like change. Yes, somtimes change sucks, but stagnation is death!
I don't think skepticism is a new idea. It only shows tht to believers timeflow has no effect:D
James R,

Ever noticed how Believers resist the change to skeptical thinking?

Honestly James R...
It's really hard to staying believing if you pray and don't get what you prayed for...

But when the circumstances completly change only to realize what you prayed for...!!!!


If you see with your own eyes that this works...
It's hard to stop believing... ;)

But when the circumstances completly change only to realize what you prayed for
you realise tht the theory of probability might be true:D
or to put it my way: human mind is stronger thn any god, and if properly used can create anything if enough time is given (this is just my crazy theory;))
It's not a crazy theory Avatar... :)

In my opinion, probability is a waste of time. We study all those calculations and what is most likely to happen usually DON'T.

I wonder why... isn't strange? Why what is most likely to happen usually don't happen?? :confused: :confused:

Besides that... sometimes we pray for something, but the circumstances are almost impossible (or even impossible...) and it work out!! So, probability don't work here Avatar... ;)


Do you really believe in luck? Luck is pretty much like Divine Providence...!!! :D:D:D

So you believe in luchk and probability...
I guess one idea finishes the other... :D:D:D
luck is a probability in the theory of probability;) (atleast according to my theory:D), Seeker
Ok... this discussion is stupid... :D:D:D
Better come back to the central one: How changes influece the lifes of people. ;)

How changes influece the lifes of people.
well, changes change something. they change lives of people. The influence of them is measured by the importance of the changes to the particular person or his surroundings. Changes can be good, bad or non-influental (death of some Hazi Mushi in Kazahstan won't affect me) and one needs to adopt to those changes to survive or progress

what else you want to hear? smth more particular would be appreciated

P.S. I'm bored.
Well... I already said everything...
So... if there's anyone if a different view... then...
That's it... :)

I've changed my philosophy numerous times.

I changed my philosophy when I first read Greek though. I changed it again after reading Neitzsche. I changed it again when I started reading modern political thought.

All these times I have made some major changes in my personal philosophy.

Never had a problem with change.
Isn't that like um, like u...

a paradigm shift almost like um, sorta,yeah?

Anyway, dude....NOTHING TICKS ME OFF MORE THAN OLD FOLKS WHO STILL REGARD PSYCHOLOGY AS not being part of the REAL science community. As if psychology was full of QUACKS of some sort. I understand where they are coming from but they have to understand that psychology is psychologists are focusing on testable hypotheses and involve statistics in their research. It's becoming more and more of an exact science. Now Freud is more of an old uncle everyone is amuzed by but hardly anyone wants to claim or mention in the presence of mixed company. hehehe

Okay I'm through whining.
NOTHING TICKS ME OFF MORE THAN OLD FOLKS WHO STILL REGARD PSYCHOLOGY AS not being part of the REAL science community. As if psychology was full of QUACKS of some sort.

It is. Marriage counselers, family counselers, Jungians, Freudians, yadda yadda.

Many are quacks.

Psychiatry, on the other end, is part of the real science community.


Indeed. I've started reading Camus' theory of the reinforces some of my previous beliefs, but it is a bit of a paradigm shift.

Hmm, Nelson mis-representing his opponents? :eek: