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Discussion in 'Art & Culture' started by orcot, May 1, 2018.

  1. orcot Valued Senior Member

    I've yust seen the movie. Would people recommend the book?
    I liked the concept but I disliked certain aspects of it?
    I didn't like anything to do with the character James Halliday (he initial and death creater).
    I disliked him because of his whiny and generally pitiful character obsessed by imagend slights against him, when in reality people where bending backwards to accomedate his authistic ass.
    Whilst he builded the oasis. He never showed any love in the project (in the movie). And there where many places he despised. He also had a self destruct buttom for the oasis . And when the protagonist felt over near the button. He bemusedly said that if he should push the button he should not do it by accident. ALso he didn't love that women as he didn't bother mentioning her by her real name. He could also have made himself inmortal as a avatar and might have created his ideal girlfriend in the oasis itself. Aftherall he did recreate his infant self.

    That said I like the world of the oasis, I like the escapisme. I like a physical world where their is also a digital world where you can be whatever you want. I like the idee of living in both world . I like the adventures they have and the general silliness of a dead serious fight between the iron giant and mega godzilla.
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  3. pjdude1219 The biscuit has risen Valued Senior Member

    clearly you missed the point of endeavor.
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  5. orcot Valued Senior Member

    I don't even understand the answer. (from the movie) He clearly did recreate himself as a child and kept him as company
    He also had a extremly toxic relation (by no fault of the lady). He destroyed his connection with his Simon pegg who was his seemingly only friend.Altough he had belittled his part in the project before that.It is never really explainend what both did in the project. He was extremly envious in a way that could have pushed him in a directions to make people digitally inmortal and making digitale copy's he did in a way but never used the tools to deal with his demon's. He aftherall somewhat digitally recreated his object of affection to some degree forcing her to dance with corpses for all of eternity.
    Apart from that his challenges are stupid (but fun to watch). To own a trillion dollar company you must first kill yourself by smashing your car into a brick wall, around the sillyniss of a deathrace. Then you have to proof your essetially a perverted voyeur. As the entire life of the creator is digitally free to view and the answer to the second key is not in his hard work but details of his personal life. Imagen you could win apple and 1/3th of the legwork would involve answering obscure riddles abouth the time his girlfriend was pregnant he broke up with her. And you have to watch it again and again in wich words where used how many times he used those words and sentences in the past all that in 3D and full imersion. The third test is yust a prowness for 80's video games in 2045 that's by the time a 65 year old game imagen having to win a obscure 1953's game.
    Don't get me wrong I don't mind and actually liked it. But it's more of a interesting journy trough a interesting world.
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  7. billvon Valued Senior Member

    Book was much better than the movie. (Usually true)
    He is portrayed quite differently in the book.
    This is better explained in the book; he has a crippling social anxiety that renders him unable to relate well to people.
    We can do that now. There are plenty of NPC's in video games modeled after real people.
  8. orcot Valued Senior Member

    His girlfriend that had been forced to dance with corpses since at least 5 year was glad they made it stop and said you have no idea how long this was going one. THis could be simply NPC speech I agree.
    Near the ending Anorak was somewhat confused annoyed because the main character wouldn't take the key the line are you going to take the key or what? Could have been a end script to prevent the NPC of repeating itself I agree but it's when he really meets the old James Halliday avatar that things become bizar. He know he had anxiaty but he choose to manifest as himself. It's the bemuzement when nearly pressing the button more so then passing the final test that shows this character shows empathy outside what could be resenably anticipated Why program a respons if the character lunges to the self destruct button if the self destruct button would destroy the program. I can imagen that the long search for the egg was a form of loading screen in disguise. Where financial transfers and legal papermill was spinning up. But there seemed to be some type of ghost in the shell there for a minute. Had he had a other minute or so I would have asked if he would join me in a improv turing test. Giving the characters motivation it would seem like something he would develop. (I would like my inmortal life depended on it)
    They went to the cinema and he ignored her for 10 years. Also would someone with anxiaty be that rude or except servants around him.He was very quick to belittle the work of og. It is never explainend who did what exactly. Also if the person that brought me my coffee started to give me helpfull financial advice I would either get my own coffee or in true social anxiaty mode tell him to deliver the coffee in preparation in a conference room and take it when to coast is clear (something I actually have someone seen do in the past). I also would not post every day and ever experience in my adult life on the internet.

    Anyway I can get the book Friday. I find myself a harsh critic of books but I still enjoy them most of the time. I did love the movie as well altough I tried not to think abouth it to hard.
  9. orcot Valued Senior Member

    BTW loving the book actually got a sunburn reading it
  10. Gawdzilla Sama Valued Senior Member

    The possible dynamics of that event are ... interesting.
  11. DaveC426913 Valued Senior Member

    As a sci-fi buff, this film should be a must-see for me.

    But I burned out my "video gamer" organ as a teen, and have no interest in gaming as a culture. A nostalgic look at the 80s decade with a video-gamer's eye makes me twice as out. In this age of internet ubiquity, there's really no chance to get nostalgic about the past, especially when it comes to technology.

    I only post on the possibility that I might have the film completely wrong.
  12. orcot Valued Senior Member

    I finished the book. And I still liked it.
    Some things that stood out. Character leveling seems to be the result of doing quests (and paying for them) and slaying monsters. This means if some tech support character has to cast a devination spell. To be able to read the stats and characterization of for example weaponary a tech support will first have to desend to a dungeon and slay orcs etc until they have proven themself capable of tech support. Their seems to be half a page missing that explains logging in with a special IOI account gives certain powers.

    Also the artefacts Fyndoros tablet of finding (tracking device) The orb of osuvox (shield), the cataclyst (big bom). Are all items made by the oasis personel. It could be said that by creating these artifacts Oasis personel were actually helping IOI (for money) Oasis created them Ogden certainly didn't try to collect these artifacts that should have never been in the game in the first place. In fact it could be said that Ogden only interferred because of the murders. He also states that he would not help our heroes and that he enjoys watching the spectacle.

    The destitute of the planet, wade travels in a slow bus that is armored and has a actual defense force against road pirates meanwhile Aech travels in a old RV for the last 5 years going from city to city without any problems. His city still has home delivered pizza's. It can be said none of the main characters have real jobs but get theirs means from the oasis where the are local celebrities? Aech wins matches and invites people for social gathering Art3mis has a clothing line and blogs But wade simply endorses products and avoids the public. Theirs many wars going on sure but as wade personal assistant would say nothing that would interest you.

    Wade could be considered a genius. Having studied latin being smart enough to pruposefully ace or fail test to get a certain profile. Working for a week on a false diploma whitout getting figured out. Excellent hacking ability. A memory that can house many passwords security hacks whilst sleep deprived. Yet nobody bothered offering him a real job or that he continued his studies. This sorta means that whatever the state is it's less oppresive then for example the soviet Union. Where someone with wade's profile. Would have been forced to enter a special school for tech geniusses. Wade also doesn't bother voting he doesn't care abouth the real world meaning it doesn't really influence his life so how bad could it be.
  13. Michael 345 New year. PRESENT is 72 years oldl Valued Senior Member

    Any thoughts on the Commodore C64 Mini?

    Local shop here won't put out a demo to check out as they say don't have enough

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  14. DaveC426913 Valued Senior Member

    Haven't seen it. I'm in a C= 64 Facebook Fans group, but they haven;t posted anything.

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