Reality is...

PS my photo is an image of how I see my brain active and growing in leaps and bounds
You had better put some wrap over itbefore those flies get on it... Maybe the fowl stench is because your brain is already rotting.
Why am I chosen I am Gods Son brother to Jesus and the second coming.
Probably because you left the top of your head off and you stood out as being open minded.
How do I know I've spoken to the Devil
You can't believe the devil he will probably lie to you. Do you really believe that he will tell the truth about hell.. It probably is a great place and he is just trying to put you off going there...
Good luck with your search for reality I sincerely hope everything works out well for you.
My head's the same colour. Did I do something wrong?
Judging by the content of Crimson tide's post# 576, I can imagine Clive's head is crimson with rage.
Xelasnave.1974 was saying something on another thread about editing the Bible, well ,do we now add the gospel of Clive, you know, the brother of Jesus?
Mod note: Crimson Tide has been banned as a sock puppet of a previous-banned member.
Reality is Nature

Reality is politics etc.

Reality is ...manipulation

Reality is ignorance

Reality is consequence

Reality is wisedom

Reailty is life

Reality is intelligence in all things , from the sub-quantum to the macro.
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Reality is pain...?

Given that Spellbound and his/her sockpuppets (six so far) are permanently dismissed... I move that this thread be closed and cesspooled.

Any objection to this (anyone have a reason to leave this open?)
Can I suggest it be left open as fly-paper to attract any new Spellbound sockpuppets?
Otherwise there will only be other threads started should a new sockpuppet arise.
Just a suggestion - I'm not too fussed either way.