RealityCheck: moderators are trolling and treating me unfairly

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This seems so utterly preposterous I'd like to see if I am reading this right: You are saying that AN's rude posts on a forum are causing the targets of said posts to have a spontaneous pneumothorax?

No I am not, read what I wrote precisley.
And of course it sounds preposterous...all psychic phenonema does...but Stats on Alphanumerics behaviour and resultant effects may very well change all that for many..
I might add , every thread and every post that you have used the accusation of dishonesty across the net has been retreived and archived. Every person you have attacked in this manner is being tracked down and surveyed especially for lung and respiratory disorders eg. [spontaneous Pneumothorax], including the lethal tension version. When the stats come back the evidence of what and who you really are is going to make headlines.

Just who do you think AN is?

I do not need to, let the stats speak for themselves.
"you see the method AN uses is almost identical to that which my own father used when I was a teenager... some 35 years ago... it resulted in 5 pnemothoraxes including the resection of my left lung by approx 1/3"
and like my father AN probably can't control himself and tries to restrict his compulsion by using an internet forum like this one."

I'd be most grateful if you could go into a few details of this method you say AN uses. It sounds interesting.
I tried to see the forum rules.
I failed. We no longer have rules?

I wanted to make sure, if allowed to comment on the person who posts ?
Well Emil we have had many a discussions over the years and you have always been most polite and "honest" yourself...
Something associated with the AN issue: [just to fill in time whilst we wait]

No doubt you are aware of what swept the world not so long ago called SIDS Sudden Infant death syndrome.
The first serious look at it globally occurred in 1985/6 I believe.
You may also be aware that at the same time another pandemic was sweeping the world also recognised in 1985/6 and that was the sudden and inexplicable increase in childhood asthma.

so we have:

SIDS and Asthma affecting the world children big time. both with strong morbid and terminal inclination.

You may not know this but in the news recently there was an artcle [ ABC net australia ] that stated that according to the WHO the incidence of child hood asthma had suddenily declined inexplicably but what is not often realised is that so to did SIDS.

I believe a direct relationship betwen both incidences can be shown with out much doubt if one knows where to look and what to look for.

The condition [*edit - read symptomology ] of asthma is almost exactly the same as what appears to be the same sort of effect that we are searching for in our surveys.

However we anticipate that there will be one key identifier that will highlight the pathology as distinct to the global sids/asthma relationship, and that is symptoms of our surveyed candiates will be effected with out inflamation of the lung tissue. Undiagnosable and directly related to the thymus gand which is located in the centre of the chest.
If you research you will find that the Thymus gland is primarilly associated with the auto immune system and when inflamed or swollen will physcally push up against a nerve that generates a hacking cough and flue like symptoms. [ sound like the common cold doesn't it... ]
In an ironic twist, AN is a hero because his behaviour here and at another forum pointed me and other researchers in the right direction.
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Now you may ask youself , why haven't the medical scientists published their findings on the thymus - flue- common cold association...
The main reason is I believe, that to do so would be terribly irresponsible due to the fact that the Thymus is so easily psycho-somatically induced. In other words telling the world about the relationship would most possiby lead to a disaster as the psycho-somatic nature caused by worry, fear and other emotions, immediately effects the Thymus gland. The effects amplified considerably by knowledge of that association. [ in a large number of people depending on sensitivity]
New research in psychoneuroimmunology may yet publically declare the association but may not because they are encumbered by the possible ramifications of public knowledge of that association.
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Thank you. I did not noticed!
I just noticed the link at the end:Forum Rules

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This thread appears to have taken a serious turn towards the weird. It also seems to have drifted off topic.

I'm not quite sure what to make of accusations that moderators are killing people with their psychic powers.

This thread is closed until I have more time to review its content.
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