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'Some words have been said, other have not and other awaits to be said.
What we call ‘reality’ is a proved fact. The facts can be proved with words or numbers. The numbers are more appreciated because it can’t be interpreted, but are less understood than the words. The power of a person is greater with more control on these two factors is.
The conflict between words and numbers had a lot of forms and the most known is from the question :’ does God exist ? ‘. The most words replies yes, but the numbers doesn’t agree. The mankind wants to believe the words although the numbers did not confirmed in any way the facts.
In their selfish and weakness, the people are ready to accept almost anything that could change their inevitable end.
If Jesus did exists or not, and if what He said is true or not, is not important at all. He already have finished His job succesfully; the people wants to believe what He said. Somehow, he became what He said after the people heard His words. The suggestion has reached its target. A question for those who waits His return: when He will come back His name will be Jesus ? Because 2.000 years ago He wasn’t introduced officially to the people as the Messiah. The people are making the same mistake as then. They want the facts to evoluate as they expect.
I believe that Jesus have existed. I think that He was a person just like everybody. He was different because He could accepted that the death is the finish. He knew that the people cannot be absolved of this, but they can be more happyer and His facts proves that He knew how to do it.
And it was the perfect time, because the people have started to lose their hope. His crucifixion was the expected numbers about I was talking earlier. He said that He will come back, just to open the way to another lighten mind, because he knew that the people will lose their hope again. This time have probably came. Although the people are saying that they trust in God, just a few feels this way. The numbers are overwhelming and the science tends to cover everything. Is just a matter of time until someone will say something like: ‘I’m the Son of God’. This person will know how to adapt the religious side of the human being to the social reality. The people are ready for that . Believe it or not, doesn’t matter, but each person who reads these words prepares the way to the awaited man. But it will be probably the last chance for the mankind, because a lot of numbers have been used and just a few are left…'

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