Redimentional Mathimatics


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Everybody wish's to be an einstine yet none wish to venture into the dimentions of pure thuoght

you see my lernard brethrin if you can visualize your formular then you will see beyound the chaleng

let me put it to you in easy turms

the earth rotates around in 1 direction at the same time it tilts back and fourth on an axis at the same time it is push'n and pull'n to and fro from the moon and sun at the same time as it is rotat'n around the sun at the same time as our solar system moves and our galexcy moves ect

see the piont here is that one of these movements does not stop then another takes up its role no they all hapen at the EXZACT same moment in time in the Exzact same piece of space

so now u got the picture redimention you formulars to be seen in a visual 7DIMENTION and great wonders you shall see

(ectract from THEE BOOK.d by Jahmah)
Hell ...

I have trouble visualizing the fourth ... and what happened to the fifth and the sixth????
I've been looking into bits and pieces during my research, And I have come to my own conclusion about how many dimension there are and how they are defined.

Firstly I have to show one of my famous "Not too clever" Diagram images.


Firstly Lets look at the facts (Diagram A), what people have known for centuries is that there is 3 dimensions, three that they know of as Width (X Axis), Height (Y Axis) and Depth (Z Axis).

Of course the forth dimension is something else we use to measure things in, [/B]TIME[/B]!. Of course X,Y and Z are taken up.

In Diagram B, I've placed rectangular boxes together, end to end, each box represents being in a different instance of time, and all the arrows are just pointing the direction they are going. This is what is known as "TIMESPACE".

At present you should now know of the 4 dimensions that everything is defined within, it's only when you start voyaging into a new territory that you begin to understand the eixstance of "other dimensions", ones that you might agree with or you don't agree with.

I once read a book called "Chaos" by James Gleick, Within it's pages it contained many references and diagrams in reference into the study of chaos within mathematic systems. One of these particular diagrams intrigued me, and the reference material was called "Smales Horseshoe".


The understanding was taken from a Toffee making machine kind of physics, Where a particular piece is taken, stretched, folded, stretched, folded, stretch, folded etc.
This technique is also used in removing impurities from steel, and was originally used in the creation of weapons. (Might have been refered to as "tempering steel".)

So why is Smale's horseshoe of relevance, It's simple really, I took my line of blocks end to end, from Diagram B, and Stretch/Folded them for Diagram C1 and if you feel the need you can continue to fold like Diagram C2.

Now this is all very well, but what does it mean? Simple... I have just folded TIMESPACE, and since The Timespace going forward normally and the Timespace going backwards operates within the same space, you have now entered a "Multidimensional state"or "Multidimensional Universe", I've represented this as Diagram D.

So those Dimensions of object heading in a backwards direction should rename their X, Y and Z axis as C, B and A axis.

This means you have 3 dimensions you are use to, the fourth dimension being TIME and the next 3 dimensions being the same as the first 3 but in a reversed state, In all "Seven Dimensions".

The real use for looking at time being manipulated like this, is in the production of Parallels and equipment that can be used to follow a timeline. Of course there is something else in the universe that occurs from this folding... It's called "Zero-Point Energy".

This is an energy level that can be found throughout the universe and even within Vacuums that have supposedly had all energy and matter removed.

In simple terms if you took a light wave or some form of energy in its Multiverse and then caused a timespace compression, and unravelled the timespace compression of that multiverse, you would be left with Zero-Point energy.

I've also seen possibilities that take for instance the Quanta of an atom could be unravel from existing in a Multiversal state, into zero-point energy, and possibly re-materialised at a location.
(Although I would refrain from sending lifeforms through such a device because of the quanta being re-assigned it's locations)
I theorised that if you built a nodel grid it would be possible to pull apart an object, possibly something of threat like a Comet, but that's something that scientists are going to have to play with.

Annex 1:
There is also another point about things that exist within a multiversal state being also spread into the universe as Zero-point energy, it pretty much means that within that energy something that you see in front of you can exist elsewhere at the same time. This is what is called "Non-Locality", of course you might wave your hand in front of your face, and energy somewhere else on this planet + the moon + Jupiter + Sirus B will move, and not necessarily all in the same timeframe.
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Stryderunknown ...

I'm sorry, but your 'explanation' of dimensions 5, 6, and 7 confuses me.

It seems as though you're describing a 'reversed' universe with the 4th dimension, time, being an 'interface' so to speak.

Or am I completely confused?
Okay, I've done a little bit of cleaning of the information, And I have started placing it into a paper on my website:

URL has been retracted because I've moved the pages for now

At present I'm still messing with what the design will look like, and how the information pans out. (Although I wouldn't be to bothered about reading the annex)
[Please note: sometimes there are periods that my servers FTP is down, so it means that it will take me a little while to upload updates and corrections. I mention this as I'm waiting to correct something :mad: :rolleyes: ]

As for your understanding Chagur, Okay I mentioned the first 3 dimensions that you know and that time is the forth... All of them coexisting together is timespace, I then mentioned of folding timespace and how the first 3 dimensions are inverted, and when they all exist together within a multidimensional state, they are classed as the 7th dimension.

The 3 reverse dimensions symbolises an "Anti-Universe" (Opposite and reversed to our own, and yes that's where Anti-matter exists.)

So from what you wrote back, you pretty much understood it, but you just couldn't visualise it :D

Hope thats better.
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