Reflex vs Intelligence


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I was made computer game based on speed of reflex, very long time ago. In short, they must press the right button as soon as possible depends on what shown on the screen. Just like cowboy duel.

On the test with my colleagues, I realized that most of my friend who smarter in college, in average have faster response.

I think (despite the ammount of grey cells in our head), there is correlation between speed of reflex with intelligence. While doing the game, total speed achieved based on censoric, brain processing, and motoric speed. (isn't it?)

What do you think?
While I recognize that your theory is based on an apparently informal situation, your generalization needs support. I'd like to know the numbers involved. Where equal numbers of subjects in each category tested? What was the sample size? I have not heard of a study that attempts to establish a correlation between intelligence and reflexes, but it would be interesting.

Off the top of my head though, Mike Tyson would seem to be irrefutable proof that there is none. :D

Read an article years ago that indicated a correlation between IQ and reaction speed. There is also a correlation between IQ and height. This hamster guesses that the relevant factor is overall health and that leads to higher IQ, faster reflexes, and greater height.
Reaction speed is really built on the basis of how far a signal must travel across a persons body to react. For instance a person of 6ft 4ins is going to take longer to send a signal to move an arm than a person who's 5ft 4ins.

There is also the point that the age of the individual can also contribute to reaction times (Sue to younger, less replicated nerve cells).

There is the other point that an individuals natural pharmacology can also dictate there reaction speed, not to foget to mention there food and drink intake. (Afterall drinking coffee might increase your speeds over time).

This is only taking into account the speed of signal relays, not the structuring of their neuralogical pathways. Their neuralogical structuring can assist their speed also, through the use of awareness, making them observant and possibly more intelligent. If there cellular structures happen to be of a particular calibre, they can be more adaptive to processing information also.
Yep, informal situation indeed. It was in the purpose of testing the game, not the gamers. There are about 20 guys tried it. They're my fiends in college's lab. I just saw that guys with average response below 70 miliseconds got more A and B on their semester report.

Err... I thought Tyson not too fast, but he's strong and expert in bite ears :p :D

Hmmm... i think your guest is right. Do you remember where the article was? Or would you tell more about their reports? Thanks

I didn't saw that shorter person has faster response in my test. But I agree with you on age differences factor and chemical contents in the blood.
I guess still there some right keywords in your dusty attic... ;)