Religion vs Belief in God


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First, if you have religion, is God a kind of mythical being?
There is a minister, only 41 years of age, that believes Earth is only 7000 years old. Now, why would any school of theology teach that?

Is there any relevance to 'everlasting life' and sprinkling water on my forehead and being baptized if I don't know what it means?

Jesus was ugly. It says so in the book. He was "uncomely," I think it said. Well, why is this handsome white guy hangin' on the cross?

And, what was that about, "Thou shalt not worship any graven image,"
and we still make these awful statues of Peter, Paul and Mary, not to mention Jesus?

There is a lot of gravy in the bowl, but don't forget to eat the meat.

Sure, I see some correlations of truth, loyalty, brotherhood, and all that in the book. But, what's the point of dressing up in your Sunday best to go sit with your silent friends on Sunday, and forget about the homeless kids on the street?

I don't want the riff-raff in my house either. But, Uncle Sam isn't gonna help those people. And, if I'm not doing it because you're not doing it, we need to do it. What is Church for?

I swear, I think about religions that meet five times a week, and they go knocking on doors in nice neighborhoods, selling their religion. It makes me ill. The monks hanging out with the monks. What for? They believe already, all of 'em. Go ahead, keep to yourself, you're no good out here anyway.

Faith. What tests faith if your hiding from the real world all the time? I have neighbors that don't leave the house all week long. But, they get all polished up and go to bible study and church on Sunday. They don't even take care of their yard.

Give me an athiest to chew on. Give me some controversy, some work to do. Let me drag a drunk home to his kids once in a while. Shape up people, religion is a part-time thing. Get with the program.

Tell a confused kid what God might be; entertain his thoughts, let him struggle with the concepts of creation, chaos, good, evil, all of it.

Don't be afraid to let them think. They're smart enough to make up their own minds. Hell, I was so sick of getting dressed up on a beautiful Sunday to go to Church, I wished there wasn't a God.

I had a whole mind full of questions when I was a kid. The rote answer was, "No, Son, that's not how it is..." B.S. It's how you see it. It's how you believe it. It's how you live. It's mostly about how you want to live, and the pursuit of happiness. Real happiness.

I know bitterness and arrogance when I hear it. Atheist shmatheist.
I've only known one or two genuine athesits, and they didn't like to talk about it much.

I will also tell you this. Eternal life is a promise to mankind--in my book. Like a field of tulips, each of us lives for the next. We can live forever if we are careful enough. But, when I die, I'm dead. You go on. Be good. And, for crying out loud, look up in the sky, far far away once in a while, and imagine infinity, really stretch it out.

Let everything happen, if you're so smart, and tell me you're sure that in all of time, forever ago, a being of perfect design has <b>not </b>come to be from what was once chaos to create beauty.

And if you think this place sucks, you can go to hell.

All the love I got, really...

I'm not sure exactly which side you're on so i'm just gonna respond to a couple things....

1) religion and faith are different things as your thread suggests....thank you for pointing that out, most athiests dont understand that...

2) religion and/or faith are often only practiced part time, but when Jesus calls us to be his disciples he asks for all of you all of the time, it SHOULD be full time, and I try to live like that but sometimes i fail at that, we all do, the important thing is to recognize that and work to be more focused (with the strength of the Spirit of course)

3) fakes bother me, so thank you for railing against them!
yeah, were i was in school it was cool to be christian, so there were plenty of fakes.

like i always say, god is bigger than religion.
if there is a god...;)