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He doesn't want to be happy; he wants to wallow. I imagine it's more enjoyable to do than to witness.
I'm eagerly watching the tabloids for "the science"
What ? It is science lies and mental torture making me sad . Again distraction tactics , no app talk , we are live on this forum and you lot are bricking it because the PRESS is on.
I am an atheist. The universe is eternal with no start or end and thus requires no creator or folk claiming a point of creation. Religion takes away the personal control that I am encouraging you to adopt.

If you are real please take the time to consider all I say for I work on the assumption that you are real and that your suffering is real and chooose to talk to you as if you are a good friend needing help. If you are not real well maybe someone else will benefit from reading our discussion.
If you are not real I hope your motivations are nevertheless satisfied.
Oh I'm very real and very for real if you hadn't noticed the immediate defenders .
Mod Hat — Closure & redirect

I hate everything it stands for and everyone involved in it . I use to respect religion and wasn't a racist either , buy now I just hate everyone and wish everyone was dead.
Well done to the idiots who have created me , I won't stop hating now , ever . Expect me to lose control big time and serious flip on you in the street.
Just to add , I can't sleep because presently I want to murder almost everyone in my street .

Closed and filed appropriately.
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