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By the way, please note that Tiassa has chosen not to address Sarkus's suggestions. Instead, he has, in his usual hateful way, chosen to use this thread as an excuse to make a new, entirely inappropriate attack on me.
Please do not troll.
James R:

You appear to be getting angry again. Try to settle down. Control yourself.
Don't you start telling lies about things you can have no knowledge about.
I’m not lying about anything, James. My comments had nothing to do with what you raised in the moderator’s forum, but about what you had or had not explicitly said in this thread that you would raise there. Your accusation is thus baseless and your comment a straw man. Are you not able to comprehend the flow of the discussion? (Excuse me for asking, but are you on the spectrum? Are you not aware of how you come across? No need to answer if you'd rather not.)
Here is what I posted in the Moderator's forum, about your suggestions:
Thank you for rising above the fact that it was me who posted the suggestions, in my usual acerbic style.
Moderator note: Sarkus has been warned for trolling.

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