Revolutionaries wanted...


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I need help naming my bookstore.

I am looking for words in different languages that mean Freedom Fighters, Revoutionaries, Seditionists, Secessionists... Something along those lines.

Searchers for truth, strugglers for truth...

People with revolutionary ideas and striving and fighting for liberation and truth.

Sandinistas is probably too specific and alienating, but I do love the sound of it.

I am a bit partial to Spanish, but I'd like to hear many different languages.

Any suggestions?
You could mess about with Babelfish Translation and try a few phrases to see what they look/sound like.

The name Cultural Revolution came to my mind - the Chinese business initiated by Mao.
Sounds better in Italian, tho' - IMHO - giro culturale
Pathfinder Books.

RedStar Books

Left Turn Books

Liberation Station

Revolution Books
Negative connotations or positive?


For freedom fighters:
Libro Libre
For revolutionaries:
Spinning Wheels -R- Us
For communists:
Left, red comrades
For seditionists:
Fight the Man
For secessionists:
Liberty Book Store


For freedom fighters:
For revolutionaries:
Revolting Books
For communists:
Free Books
For seditionists:
Burn This Book Store!
For secessionists:
Apartheid Book Store (no <X> allowed)