Rules Club

With respect, Fruit of Geppetto's chisel. Horny sheathed cow prop.


The rules club is for the enjoyment of sciforumers,
not a sudoku puzzle.
Rule 55 has removed the requirement to follow complicated and time consuming rules.
That is not to say that they may not be obeyed if one wishes.

wh*zzup bi*t<h!

*ll h*il the mighty gust*v

But that amounts to no rules at all....?

Tis mutiny I tell thee.....Tis mutiny
wh*zzup bi*t<h!

Rule enfor<ement

*ll h*il the mighty gust*v
contrast my egalitarianism with kremmen's facism

the initial scenario is still up for grabs. if the thread get going, there is no turning back. if it can be made more interesting, go for it. take the iniative.

you have good ideas. be assertive and take charge! everything is up for grabs a the moment. there is no govt as of yet. you can form it! if you displease the populace, we can always have you for dinner (or dessert if you are cute and sexy)

gendanken said:
So, can I can I be your scribe? What should I call myself?

whatever you want. i do not run this place, nor do i know who does. put forward your proposals and assume they will be adopted. i believe if they suck, objections will be posted. until then, feel free to develop your ideas for our benefit. charles fleming (see post on page 5) is already in the hills doing metallurgy stuff so you guys can hook up and discuss stuff

lets jack the sonofabitch and rip his limbs asunder and shit
contrast my egalitarianism with kremmen's facism
lets jack the sonofabitch and rip his limbs asunder and shit
Brief powerful wind, tree lined road.
Yours was a namby pamby organisation dedicated to civilisation.
(curls lip and sneers)
Civilisation is for wimps.

Fascistic leanings in a rules club. Who'd have thought it? :rolleyes:

Good idea though.
If you all behave, I'll let you wear black uniforms
and have your own torchlight processions.

In fact.
Torchlight procession tonight at 9 o'clock GMT.
That's in just over an hours time.
Bring packets of Lovehearts.
Last edited: about :scratchin:...OK, i'll vomit on Brian Foley. I'm sure he'll just blame it on the government.
Am I correct in assuming that this thread has basically resorted to anarchy? I've allowed it to remain in Free Thoughts as I thought that building up a system of rule might be interesting, but if it's just random words now then I guess it's cesspool material.