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I'm trying to scare myself silly (I don't know why *shrug*), so I was wondering if anyone had any really good scary movies to recommend. Blood, gore, guts, suspense, weird extraterrestrials parading around in Saran Wrap suits zapping people with ray guns, it's all good. Even if it's just half an hour of fat men in speedos (*gag*), anything scary.

Thanks! :)

p.s. oh yeah, un autre question: how many "nightmare on elm streets" ARE there? my count is 2 so far.
7 Nightmare on Elm streets I think if my memory serves me correct.

As for a scary film, it's difficult to say what a scary film would be let alone to tell you one. After all a film is usually fiction, and you know that no matter the subject its a story that is entertainment.

Of course in recent events, Inferno would be perhaps of bad taste, but none the less scarey. Or Vertigo.

The one I watched last night was well odd if not scary, called "Dark City".

"PI" (well it sports the symbol of Pi) as I mentioned its a good one for getting you thinking but not necessarily scarey, well apart from the very end, but I can't tell you what happens.

How about some old films like "the Birds", or "The village of the Damned" (A midwich cuckoo) or "War of the Worlds" <Renounded for causing an Alien invasion because people listening to the radio thought the events were real, even though it was actresses and actors like H.G.Wells reading the parts from a script. "Day of the trifids"

I find the older films scarier because they are filmed atmospherically, and not necessarily on a particularly big budget.

Or how about the very first "Frankenstein" (The silent one), supposedly when people of that era first saw frankenstein their was pandamonium, People were vommiting in the cinema's at the realism and pregnant women were even known to have miscarridged.

"Metropolis" might be another film you want to watch, again silent (Of course you can buy it with some music that you might like played over it) it was probably the first film to show a robot in it.
There are two movies that impressed me.
The first one is "Psychosis" : I couldn't sleepe quietly for a whole week.
The second one was "Angel heart". Unfortunately, I don't remember the name of the film-director. I only know it was released in the eighties.
Sthepen King's film are good too.
But I don't like movies with too many special effects and "ketchup" scenes (as we say in French). I find them ridiculous.
Of course, there's Alien, too (but I must admit that I don't like that stuff)
The various versions of Nosferatu are good too. here's a good French version with Isabelle Adjani;
And also (I only know the French title) : "la Nuit des Morts Vivants". A classic, really monstruous, I can tell you the story : after a nuclear disaster, dead people rise up from their graves : they crave for fresh human flesh. it is truly deadly and apocalyptic.
I was SO frightened that when my boyfriend told me about the script, THAT was enough for me.
And what about "The Green line" ? i've read the book. But not seen the movie....if they do show the electrocution scene in a realistic way.....and you have emotion too. I liked Stephen King's philosophical stand in that book. So HUMAN.
Bye, Fran.
How about "The Shining"?
It's a thriller (suspence).
A writer gets to look after a remote hotel during the winter. Noting but woods and snow to see. He takes his wife and (psychic) son. In this remote place, that even get cut off from telephone by a blizard, the writer turnes into a dangerous madman and the son sees the restless spirits of two murdered girls.