Scientific Explanation of Enlightenment


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I posted this theory elsewhere on these forums, but someone decided that it was more psuedo-science than anything else. Eastern religions can sympathize with my viewpints though, so I'm looking for your specific criticism of my idea. Enlightenment is not something that can be attained, because there is nothing that can be attained. I will explain the Universe, and then leave it up to your own interpretation.

This started out as a response to someone elses Grand Unified Theory, which pretty much said that the universe is run by attraction and repulsion. This is my response, which profoundly affects the scientific explanations of the Universe.

1: Objects at rest stay at rest.
2: Objects in motion stay in motion
3: Every action has an equal and opposite reaction
4: These actions and reactions have no concievable beginning or end
5: Actions exist as Reactions, and reactions exist as actions.
6: For every state of existence, there must be an opposite state of nonexistence
7: Suffering comes from the preference of energetic motion

Your theory presents one fundamental flaw, which exhibits itself in the attraction which occurs in strong nuclear force between energies of like charge. This flaw dissolves, however, when you consider that energy only attracts and averts because of motion, and motions opposite cross to form a particle or collection of particles that are connected on a more basic level, and therefore override the repulsion which occurs when things of like countenance become physically close to one another. Your theory of opposite attraction is a sound theory, but it does not explain the nature of energy beyond motion. So to add to your theory, I believe you should consider it from a spiritual view as well. This Universe is composed of only 7 elements; Improvable Energy, Energy that exists in dual nature, Motion, Time (that which arises when energy gains motion), Awareness, Attraction, and Aversion. As you have already touched up on attraction and aversion, I believe that all I should say is that this phenomena is experienced by all instances of energy, and is the cause of all problems which exist in the organic being. Therefore, as the Buddha said once before me, suffering forms from attachment, and nirvana lies in the realization of the nondualistic reality of the natural state of energy, where Awareness of energetic happenings becomes Absolute as consciousness loses Delusion which comes from getting lost in that which doesn't matter. This Awareness is nothing more than a collection of energy that utilizes the side-effects of motion (time and duality) from the perspective of nonduality. Things are not gravitationally repelled because Gravity forms a different instance of this idea, which is an instance that does not occur on a discriminative basis of the duality of motion, but on the common trait of existing with form. If something exists with form, it naturally must displace what would exist if that energy did not exist, or had no form (motion). Yet, the happening of equilibrium ensures that energy could never exist in a medium of energy without motion, so therefore space must exist as a Universal medium through which energy in motion may stay in motion. Knowing this, and that every particle of energy must displace what would theoretically be there should it not exist, it can be concluded that Gravity is the natural force of the universe which acts upon all energy that takes form. It is weak because the medium which enacts this force is space, and it's existence is infinitesimal. Time is also variable which exists based on the motion of this energy through this dualistic reality, because this is a Universe of cause and effect. If you believe in karma, you know what I mean. Once in motion, Energy stays in this motion of constant cyclic existence that could simultaneously be a cause and an effect of various other manifestations of energy in motion. This energy never ceases to be upon equilibrium with it's opposite state of nonexistence; it just loses the motion which gives it form. With this in mind, it becomes spiritually apparent to the individual that the paradox of existing in a world without a logical beginning only arises when we focus on what is apparent to us, rather than what could exist in this nondual reality that we are yet unaware of. When mixed with the spiritual teachings of any religion, this theory begets a new sense of the nondual reality of natural energy, and the highest attainment of the awareness which is present in every conceivable form of energy.
Unless you relate your idea with the established Eastern Philosophy, I have to send it to the Pseudo section. What you posted does not make any sense and there are no paragraphs for soft landing. It is as if you took a lot of words and blended them in a blender....after smoking a few joints...:)