Sciforums Fleet

The blackened wraith, legless and plowing forwards at full speed across the water, he was aiming for a small island right off shore. The enemy machines firing at the quickly maneuvering Wraith.

"Alright, Rico, if you want to live there is a knife on the back of that seat your taped to, cut yourself free, you have about thirty seconds." Sutori yelled

Sutori started flicking the switches and disengaged the main reactor, now all he had was battery power, the power output dropped like a stone.
Yes it is, and I know several people that have been in the show as lesser roles, on of my friend's his mom was a waitress at one of the restaurants. I have actually passed the landing strip (yes it is a real place).

Wow...never imagined!

Apparently it was named after one of the members of the NCSE (the guys who made project Steve) who had died recently prior to the project, "Stephen Jay Gould" is the name it gives.

That makes sense...
He cut himself lose, he turned around and saw...

"Audrey? What the hell?!"

He had to work with these people, it was his only chance of surviving.

"So...what's the plan?"
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An explosion rocked off the side of the gundam, electronics exploded on Sutori's right side, sending a jolt through his arm, every nerve screaming "Stop! Runaway!"

"There, see that island, you have until I reach that island to get ready. When I get there I'm gonna dump the reactor, and you two, and if your lucky I might give your a raft. For the love of G-d Rico save the girl and the reactor and I might just owe you again." Sutori yelled

"Alright, I'll do it." Rico said

The wraith starting flying a mere ten feet off the water, water shooting off the sides and accumulating in a great fog.

The batteries were down to 60%, "do it!" Audrey yelled

"Yes! Now!" Sutori yelled,

The wings flipped forwards, the feathers split, and a fire straight from hell erupted as though from a great dragon, it evaporated hundreds of tons of water, throwing up a smoke screen.

Adder tried to fire into it but the water droplets scattered the beam.

The Wraith emerged from the fog mere moments later, lighter now without two people and a core reactor, a demon that dropped it's soul into the deep deep water in the hopes for reincarnation.

It drew it's sword as the steel rang with the song of an avenging angel.

Sutori yelled out as hard as he could as his wraith crashed into Adder's machine with the force of a train hitting a car on the intersection, he severed the enemy mech's arm off, kicked off him onto Kent's gundam. The fight was far from over.

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Rico took the pistol from Audrey and checked its ammo.

"Okay, we got a job to do and it's survival, I have a few questions for you, but that can wait until after we're done, because I'm not sure I want to hear the answers,"
Sutori's machine was at the end of the limit, Adder took another shot at it and nailed the cockpit, ripping apart the door and it was a sheer miracle Sutori wasn't obliterated.

"Now die!" Adder yelled

"You can't kill what you can't touch!" Sutori yelled,

He rammed his gundam into Adder's machine.

Adder was fast, pulling out a short blade he sliced straight through into the core of the machine.

The wraith exploded in a horrendous fire.

Adder and the others looked on for a while.

Back on the Solitude the others who were anxiously awaiting the results got their first message.

***Mission accomplished, sustained damage, returning to Solitude.***

There were no sighs of relief, just the silence of killing an old friend.

"We're done here people, lets go get some sleep." Rosenthal said, looking around she realized some of the people had been incredibly sad, even a few tears were shed.


Sutori was clinging on desperately to the chinks between the gundam's armor, he was hitching a ride to space on Adder's machine. "They think I'm dead, they're gonna learn otherwise the hard way." He muttered under his breath

And with that he entwined himself into the stability tendons in the flight pack, he had no parachute, it was torn off in his escape.

"Good luck shogun, Audrey." he muttered.
"Stay right here and don't move," he said and walked towards the forest.

"What are you doing?" Audrey asked, thought she was being abandoned.

He pointed at the hill top, "we need to get a signal out so we need a high point, you are welcome to come with me, but it's probably not gonna be easy, so best to stay here"

He started walking again and she followed him.
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Sutori waited patiently until the lights shut down in the hangar before making his move.

He slipped out from behind the orbital pack of Adder's machine and proceeded out of the familiar hangars into the hallways of the ship.

"Huh, the lights are out, I guess everyone's asleep." Sutori muttered, he heard a door open and someone yawn, before they saw anything he evaporated right into the ether and reappered behind them, all they felt was a jab of a needle and they were out cold. Sutori rolled the man over.

"Shit it's Adder, well that's one less problem." Sutori dragged the old friend into his old room where he spotted his old railgun. Sutori went over and picked it up.

"Never expected to see this again."

An alarm went off "Aw fuck!" Sutori said, that's when he noticed a pressure switch on the rack that held the gun, they had expected him to take it.
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They walked up the mountain slowly, if it was just Rico, he would've been at the top a long time ago. It was clear that Audrey was not suited to physical tasks. She stopped to rest, they were barely halfway there.

Rico seriously debated leaving her here, not only because she was slowing them down, also she could be a potential threat. But he decided against it, because he needed answers, but mostly because he had a soft spot for damsels in distress.

"I'll carry you up there," Rico said, "It'll be faster and easier for the both of us, trust me,"

She hesitated and he was right, she was slowing him down.

"Alright," she said catching her breath

Rico grabbed Audrey bu the waist and slung her over his shoulders and ran as fast as he could up the hill.
OOC: This is gonna be where I start introing the other characters that are similar to Sutori, namely they're hired guns who can also phase shift, the one that's playing this part is named 'five', she's more of a tracker then an assassin like the others. Also, Sutori is called 'eight' by them since he's the eighth one.

Five kept up with the brute she had been following since Sutori dumped them overboard, he had a girl slung over his shoulders and a core reactor stuck into his pack.

"Shit he's tough, why do I have to babysit eight!" She thought to herself.

She saw him slow down and she evaporated into the trees, she didn't think he had heard her. Decades and decades had honed her to perfection, she had even earned a nickname from the Sa'kage's enemies.

"Ghost of the Steppes" was what they called her.

The big brute kept moving so if he did know he didn't care. She was glad, she didn't like shooting her bow with so many trees in the way.