Sciforums Fleet

Message from Captain Elvis Mikmakmenemony, SSSClosed Timelike Curve;
We shall also be returning from the alien trade mission and will join the seige of Aqua Vitae if required.
It may interest you to know that our space craft has 'aquired' several doomsday weapons during our exile in the chronosynclastic infundibulum, many of which represent technology from the far future;

we have no idea if any of them work.

these include
1 (one) strangelet virus, thought to convert ordinary matter to strange matter (rather strange)
1 (one) microscopic black hole, stabilised; 1000 metric tonnes (thought to evaporate in 200 seconds if released)
1 (one) picotech dissassembler swarm (thought to take ordinary matter apart into constituent quarks)
1 (one) memetic dissembler device (thought to spread lies and confusion in the immediate area) (tested once- very difficult to control) (no, I tell a lie; it is simplicity itself)
As the SSS Wayfarer enters the system of the former Aqua Vitae to support the battle against the hippies, the crew can only wittness a great explosion where the desigated planet should be.
Our long range scanners are able to locate the other ships, alas the S.S.S. Percipience seems to be heavy damaged.
No trace from the hippies remains.

Sensors are picking up a strange spacecraft speeding away. Trajectory shows that it came from Aqua Vitae.
We search our database and come to the comclusion that it must be a Scerlag voltron unit.
Captain Dreamwalker decides to follow this ship, such a menace can not go unobserved. We proceed in full cloaking and stealth mode. Hopefully the fleet will find a way to destroy this craft.
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SSS Queen of Mayhem

update on events surrounding Planet Aqua Vitae

The planet has been busted. Admiral Spuriousmonkey watched from a safe distance as Aqua Vitae first shrunk and then literally exploded, hurling huge moon sized pieces of planets on a new path to some unknown destination through the universe.

Some damn Hippies had escaped. The war was far from over. Admiral Spuriousmonkey ordered the Queen of Mayhem to be made ready for the journey home.

The communications officer came with a report on the destruction of the planet.

'sir, I think you have to see this.'

Despite them being stinking filthy lazy hippies they had kept excellent records of who was on this planet and who was able to escape.

3.056.998 Hippies perished on the planet.

Good, though the admiral. They got what they deserved.

Then his eye fell on the lisy of casualities. There was one familiar name.

He changed the orders for the next destination of the Queen of Mayhem. It was Eos, the closest outstation near Aqua Vitae.

The Queen of Mayhem arrived promptly. To the surprise of the staff Admiral Spuriousmonkey ordered everybody off the ship. Unable to refuse an order the ship was evacuated in order. Most men were rather eager to go on shore and enjoy themselves after this bloody confrontation with the hippies.

Unknown to the crew Admiral Spuriousmonkey brought the secret AI on line and departed the system.

The Queen of Mayhem had gone rogue.

A dispatch was sent to fleet command together with the report that set of admiral spuriousmonkey on his string of strange actions.

The Fleet Intelligence Agency went over the report and found the source of admiral spuriousmonkey' s erratic behaviour.

The list of casualties contained the name of his daughter.

A search was launched for the Queen of Mayhem. She seemed to have disappeared without a trace.
In attempting to locate the SSS Queen of Mayhem, the other ships of the fleet strung out into a standard hexagonal search pattern, each covering 5 cubic light years per day.

They discover an unusual concentration of mini-black holes in the stellar neighbourhood of the Aqua Vitae system. Some have masses up to 7 times that of Earth - more than sufficient to implode the Queen of Mayhem, if she had run across one unawares and it penetrated her hull. Alternatively, the missing ship may possess sufficient space-warping capability to compress itself into a closed region of spacetime indistinguishable from a mini-black hole, as a form of camouflage.

Could it be that all the observed black holes are in fact disguised warships?
Since the SSS Queen of Mayhem disappeared, fleet command stated it as top priority to retrieve this vessel. They are afraid admiral Spuriousmonkey might cause a great amount of damage.

All we can do is abort our pursiut of the Scerlag Voltron unit. We are dispatching a drone to follow the hostile vessel. Hope it does not get detected.

We join the rest of the fleet in an area with an unusual concentration of black holes.
Scanners show some anomalies concerning these holes.
We do not know more yet.
I know he did. I demoted him for the website if you notice. And also, I am aware that I have no updated it today. Just cannot be much going on atm
alas the SSS World Wanderer seems to be heavy damaged.
The Wanderer wasn't the one that stayed behind.

Someone want to explain what a lancer cannon is?
Sorry, I somehow mixed you up with the S.S.S. Percipience.
My apologies.

Lancer Cannon?

That´s something from Star Wars.
I think some kind of heavy laser turret.
Wasn't I the one who had the lancer cannons? Well it's like an Ion beam but extremely short and power bursts.
I haven't had the initiative to come up with a detailed description of my ship. Been busy with "other" matters lately. :p

Zero, Excellent posts. Way to raise the literary bar. It seems that I will actually have to put some thought into what I write now instead of just making it up as I go along. My previous posts are just dying for a good old-fashioned editing session. Straight up seat-of-the-pants writing.

SpuriousMonkey, HA! You have been demoted. :p One shouldn't reach above one's station. :D

Seriously, we'll have to see whether we can escape the "my ship is the most powerful in the fleet" syndrome. I gifted my ship with powerful, but unreliable, technology. Weaknesses are just as important as strengths, if not more so.
(technically I was and still am admiral, because I was in charge of the battlefleet that vanquished the scerlag. however most of that fleet has been placed in storage or dismantled. The SSS Queen of Mayhem is the only remnant of the 7th Sun fleet. The operational status of this fleet was never put on rest, hence technically spuriousmonkey was and still is admiral commanding the 7th Sunfleet. I'm afraid young Thor was too hasty in demoting me.)
I haven't seen this yet:

News reports are filing in that the SSS Queen of Mayem is no longer the most expensive and versatile ship in the fleet. The newly commisioned SSS Quantum Queen has taken the crown.

In a press release admiral Spuriousmonkey felt confident that the old lady (SSS Queen of Mayem) still has its place. He pointed out that the Queen of Mayem was never intended to be versatile. It was build to defeat the Scerlag and that is what it did.

When asked which ship would win during a face to face combat admiral Spuriousmonkey remarked that he refused to answer this question because the fleet only serves one function, and that is to protect the people from alien invasions, pirates and smugglers. It is a joint effort.

Shortly after admiral Spuriousmonkey talked to the press the high command issued a press release stating that the SSS Queen of Mayem will be updated with new systems to bring it back into modern times.

It is unkown if the 'Multi-phased antimatter plasma beam cannon' which takes up 50% of the mass of the ship and 56% of the total space will reappear in the updated SSS Queen of Mayhem. The size of the cannon meant it was fixed to the superstructure of the hull and could only be aimed by aiming the whole ship. This is generally seen as a terrible weakness in the fighting capacity of the ship.

Some factions within high command wish to see a replacement of the super-cannon with a modern assembly of state of the art missile batteries and the latest Kiergarden ray molecular disruptor phasers.

Rumour has it that admiral Spuriousmonkey is skeptical about installing these modern weapon systems. Apparently he has seen too many fashionable pea shooters come and go during his career. He relies on the old and proven.
I also missed the About section until now it seems.
I did not know that there was a description of our enemies.