sciforums needs a chat thingy

Ok Shrike, be quite.
I believe you already, ssshhh, be stil, everthing is alright.
Don't whine any more now, ok.
You are a good boy, really....:)
:p :p
I have to go with Counslercoffee, I prefer posting. Every chat room I've ever seen has been an absolute mess. One on one is great, but get a bunch of chatters, and sentences get lost, misinterpreted, interrupted, shouted over and generally hard to follow.

No offence to anyone
Teri :)
Here in the Netherlands, we have a chatroom at SETI.
I am a member there too, and there are always a lot of people there, but nothing gets lost.
We can understand eachother very well, even if there are more then 12 persons on the chat.
The most people on the chat there was 21 people. No mess, it was nice. I had the luck to have been there that time and it was really ok.
I think you have to be patient to one another, then it will be ok.
And listen to eachother, if not, you can go apart.
Whatever you choose.
It is really nice there. It is worth a try.
Why not?
People here on the Sci forums come from all over the world, so there are always people here, at any time.
When some members sleep, some other members are awake and so they can go to the chat if they want.
It is not, you have to go to the chat, just if you like to go there, you can go there.
Oh man, what babbling.
I go, goodbye.
I made myself clear I guess, I start to babble.
There is babble out there, it is unavoidable but it isn't everywhere and a commanding majority of posts are not babble. Be quite what bansh? Handsome, vepid, spurious, degenerative, cherubic, mathematic, socialist, autocratic? I need some answers!
What answers are you looking for then?
I don't understand you right I guess.
Will you please explain Shrike?
Thank you.
Banshee, there's just a question on my mind. I know you're in the Netherlands, but I'm not entirely certain if they speak english in the Netherlands or dutch or french. Do you use a translator-thingy? Maybe that's why you can't understand. What I just said was a joke, but it pivoted around the fact that you said quite instead of quiet.
Yes Shrike, I understand.
I see what a stupid fool I was, again.
From the Netherlands or not, I do not need or use a spelling machine.
Why? I have you to do it for me...
I am sorry I am such a fool, I try to do better, ok?;)

By the way, if you all are like this, it is very funny for everybody whos native language is english, isn't it?
To see people make the most stupid faults in your language.
Ever tried to speak Dutch?
Or Swedish?
I wish you luck....
It won't be that easy as English is, I warn you.
Banshee you aren't stupid you just made a simple mistake. Christ it seems like everyone I see these days puts themselves WAY down for no real reason-I have two 'girl' friends (both gorgeous but not girlfriends ) who are absolutely brilliant and get straight A's in everything but never seem to stop putting themselves down.

I'll be taking french the next half of my schoolyear, and I intend to purchase a 'learn spanish' cd. They say that hispanics will be the majority in the US in 2017, and I wanna be ready. I dunno about learning SWEDISH, but, uh, I'll...give it some consideration.

So do you speak english? Swedish? Or use a translator-machine?
Shrike, I didn't want to be mean to you, I am sorry.
I do speak English, German, French and Dutch...
But I make my mistakes, like you see.
Not once or twice, but really a lot of times, in every language.
Sometimes I just do not know how to write a word any more.
In fact I am to lazy to look the word up in a dictionnairy, or how do you write it? Haha..

I never used a spelling machine. I learn by hearing and writing and by making mistakes.
Happily there are people here who let you know when you really make a blunder. For that I thank you. I just didn't see I wrote the word so wrong it got a different meaning.
But it wasn't meant to misunderstand you.
I hope you understand and I am really sorry.
No, Banshee you didn't anger me or anything. Just try not to have such a low opinion of yourself, which I doubt you do in the first place.

I admire that you know so many languages, and don't use a spelling machine or whatever.
Yes, I still want a chat thingy. It is fun, really.
At SETI in the Netherlands they have a chatroom, it is really nice to hang out there.
It should be nice to have something like that on Sciforums, because you get to know eachother in a different way and it is most fun there.
Sometimes there really are 20 people hanging out there, but no confusion, just fun and you learn something too so now and then.
Oh yes, I like to hang out at a chat thingy at Sciforums.
But it shall not be so easy to realize maybe. I don't know...:rolleyes:

Perhaps if every member of Sciforums buys an item of Sciforums Porfiry is selling, then he can realize it....
Banshee! You have wonderful english. I am learning french and I'm afraid its not going to fast. Its hard. Anyway SHRIKE!, I will give you a piece of advice, those two friends of yours..... Careful, my bro had a friend like that who always put her self down. She latched on to him like a leech. She like needed him to be emotionally secure. She always asked him to make such stupid decisions for here, it was crazy. she even said that if my bro like left her (not friends anymore) she would die (sarcastically but serious). He asked me if He should say to her " Get away crazy bitch, you have some serious problems that your not willing to fix" or "I am sorry, Bye" heeh he went easy on her. She was depressed and started smokeing weed ontop of everything else. I love Weed but I am well educated on how to use t responsibly and smoking well ur depressed is horrible.

They are obviously insecure about something if they always put themselves down and still put themselves down when people say stuff good about them. Talk to em. Maybe if they are not like my bros crazy ex-friend they can still be saved. (Everything i say, please no offence) Very insecure, that is the problem.
Well, Tristan, in the case of what I read you are advicing Shrike exactly right.
Young women, with an attitude like this are insecure about themselves. They think they have to look like the mostly 'beautiful' women they see on the tv and read about in magazines. That has always been a wrong image of how a woman should look like. It is impossible to look that same way, but they think they are to ugly and to fat and not good enough then to have a nice boyfriend who treats them right. When they have a boyfriend at last, they will always stay 'afraid' and insecure about getting and holding on to him. So that is why they always want to hear from him that they are fine and beautiful enough. They won't believe it because society says you have to look like a model or so. These young girls start claiming their boyfriends with these telling them of: I am going to kill myself if you leave me. Very bad, and sad too, because whatever you tell them, it takes a very long and hard time to make them sure you are her boyfriend just because you like her the way she is.
Why would he become her boyfriend then? Because she was so ugly and useless? And you can tell them the sweetest and most loving things, it will take long or never that she really, deep in her heart, accepts that it is true what the boyfriend tells them.
Best you can do is tell her that and if she keeps acting this way, you better leave her, how hard it may be for the both of them, because these girls are not quite ready for a relationship. They first have to learn that practically no girl looks as good as a model or actress, it's all so fake, but they do not realize this yet. Later they discover themselves better I hope. If not then there is a good chance they fall down to doing drugs, more heavy then Marijuana. It is sad, but it happens a lot, more often then you think and it is all because they have not had enough encouragement from their parents from the day hey were born.
Parents have to teach their young daughters that television and modelling is a hard job in which the women have a hard time in real life too. A whole lot of actresses and models deal with drug or alcohol problems. As soon as young women will realize that, they may turn around and start thinking some better about themselves. The ones who have not realized this, stay in the drugs or alcohol zone for a long time and that is a really, really sad thing which happens to often. I am sad to hear this about your friend(s) Shrike. If encouraging your girlfriend doesn't work and you are getting to start crazy of it, you better leave her, because how sad it is, she will stay this way for a long time if you really cannot get to her. I hope everything will work out for the girls, and that it stays with Marijuana, let them please stay away from the Heroin....
I am really sad because it happens all the time, young women lost in hard-drugs and/or alcohol, for a long time of their lives. It is very hard to get rid of the Heroin, you have to stand very strong for yourself if you want to quit with Heroin....That feels really like hell and it is not over in a few days, it lasts weeks before all the garbage of the Heroin/Cocaine is out of your system. Most people lose this struggle, for it is terrible to try to go without and hold on to going without the drug.

And so we created a chat-list, in stead of a chat thingy.;)
Banshee ...

And so we created a chat-list, in stead of a chat thingy. ;)

It's always been here. Just look at any thread where a few, sometimes only two, members have engaged in an exchange of posts while others watched. The best part, as far as I'm concerned, is that if I come across an interesting thread I can go back to the beginning and follow it through. Something you can't do if using a 'chat' format.
There you are right, yes.
But a chatroom is nice. You can have a good laugh with some other members and in the forum threads, just like Sciforums, you can follow the items and replies everyone gives.
The same as here, at Sciforums, only with a chatroom included.
We can hang out there for hours sometimes.
And if you want, you can go apart in a private chatbox with someone you want to talk to alone. It is nice to be there so now and then, just for the fun of it.
But you are right, in the written threads you can follow every reply and it is more complete.
But the chat thingy can be ok at Sciforums for the ones who like it.
It really is fun...;)
Banshee ...

After being 'off line' for a number of years, I was surprised by how much things had changed and, for a few weeks, felt that the change was not for the better.

The 'social' aspect, particularly the 'chat communities', paticularly turned me off by being so shallow and banal. And then I was lucky enough to stumble across Sciforms ... and Hey! ... I felt at home. Here was someplace where, along with the fluff, there was some meaningful 'conversation' going on.

Since then I've become more acquainted with the 'new' net and find myself spending a few hours a day checking things out, meandering around, and looking up a whole bunch of interesting things.

So ... Yes, it is fun ... But I still have an attitude about 'Chatting' :cool:
nah, the two insecure ones are total babes and braniacs. I can't understand why they think they're so horrible, much less how they COULD be insecure.

But back to the chat thingy. Maybe we could just use msn instant messenger? Does everyone have one?

One on sciforums would be much better because of the <i> atmosphere </i> but just chatting in real time would be great.