Self doubt...

Sometimes, I will be confident in certain situations, but I tend to second guess myself, when it comes to making decisions. If you fence-sit and make no decision, then you won't have to worry about making a wrong one. But, no decision is worse than making a bad one, I've been told. :rolleye:

Can anyone relate?
no decision is worse than making a bad one, I've been told.
comparative personal risk Vs sociopathic idiation

risking someone elses money via business
risking death or serious injury
risking other peoples death or serious injury

but I tend to second guess myself,
"tendencies" are considered by some to be personality traits and thus unchangeable by their definition of "personality"
is what many want-to-be-dictators do so they can choose which ever side wins.

Sometimes, I will be confident in certain situations
all situations change
even situations that seem the same, they change.
such is the nature of the universe

confidence in one social setting is considered rude or abusive in another

maybe you should ask yourself this question
"how do i allow culture to influence my decision to interact and change other peoples lives" ?
(consider in your own head as a point of discussion rather than lay out your motivators in public)
... a majority of people have a very confused hypocritical concept of what culture is and how they interact with it and project it, it is a highly complex and tricky subject to discuss.
I think for me, it just has to do with fear. Fear of making a bad decision instead of making one and if it turns out to be a bad decision, just learn from it and grow. Staying indecisive I’ve learned is worse because you don’t move forward in some situations, you just stay stuck.
Yea. I like how you word this. Deep and true.

one of my pet(anthropological observation) projects for the last 10 years is post natal depression
not from a clinical medication side, but from a dietary and social interactive side as a process of culture.

the "stuck n safe" paradigm of old world patriarchal society vs the modern intellectual must be super women person is quite a game changer.
it is sad to see soo many still pushing the barrow of corpses called patriarchal dogma as culture models.

i see an intellectual leap coming for women
however that cant happen without the throngs of paranoid man-babys screaming fire in a crowded cinema because they got a Ego booboo

self doubt and false confidence is sold like street preacher cheap crack cocaine by the scammers & misogynists a-like
Greater than man?

answering questions(to a present intellectual mind) tends to always depend on the perception of the person asking the question.
we all have different ideas about what drives what and how much or what value some thing or thought has and bares on other things.
regardless if it is some backward shit hole country or some modern chaos of materialist greed... the human animal tends to find a need to define its self by its own sense of value(Ego)

while i am directly referring to women as a gender, the Gender is not as important as the intellectual process(can the higher mind be free of gender?).
this includes LGBTQ+ and all variations of gender by interpretation of the self.

The conversation is most often drowned out by extremist nutters screaming for compliance to their own sexual(& Gender) inferiorities & brainwashing/conditioning/indoctrination

i found this and it reminded me of this thread a few minutes ago
It was a quiet Friday morning last July when pandemonium broke out at a school in north-east Malaysia. Siti Nurannisaa, a 17-year-old student, was at the centre of the chaos.

This is her account of what happened.

The assembly bells rang.

I was at my desk feeling sleepy when I felt a hard, sharp tap on my shoulder.

I turned round to see who it was and the room went dark.

Fear overtook me. I felt a sharp, splitting pain in my back and my head started spinning. I fell to the floor.

Before I knew it, I was looking into the 'otherworld'. Scenes of blood, gore and violence.

The scariest thing I saw was a face of pure evil.

It was haunting me, I couldn't escape. I opened my mouth and tried to scream but no sound came out.

I passed out.

Siti's outburst triggered a powerful chain reaction that ripped through the school. Within minutes students in other classrooms started screaming, their frantic cries ricocheting through the halls.

One girl fainted after claiming to have seen the same "dark figure".

back to your question as a binary polar mathematical result of a complex human condition of a scale value...
to phrase it a different way.
the answer is always yes it just needs the question to be altered.

how do you quantify the modern professional woman ?
equal to Sir Isaac Netwon, in need for individual valuation as a competitive equal or better ?
(i realise you probably do not have an answer for that question)

all societys are set up to compete against others to define a sense of self worth
that is a biological absolute of the human biological condition
is a difficult definition when the expected outcome is beyond current basic comprehension

= more
= worse
= more data/more action
= better/how/why/where/what
= different

humans are chained to humanity
the horse of humanity devoid of gender shackles is unable to jump higher than the chain around its neck
I just think men and women's brains work differently, and they haven't(women), perhaps, been able to explore their intellect to its full potential, so I guess we'll see what happens.
I just think men and women's brains work differently, and they haven't(women), perhaps, been able to explore their intellect to its full potential, so I guess we'll see what happens.

brains are far more complex than simple polar gender
society, on the other hand is a slave master attempting to inflict its sexual desires on to the next trendy thing