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Is she German, Swedish, or possibly Russian? Either way, she is really hot and my dream college teacher!
That's definitely not a German or Swedish accent. The Russian KH for H sounds like an affectation.

Her accent isn't consistent. She sounds very foreign in the simple parts of her sentences, but then she lapses into normal-sounding English for some of the more complicated explanations, with long strings of complicated words rolling off her tongue with perfect pronunciation and cadence. Also, she doesn't have the problem with our dizzying array of vowels that virtually all foreigners have; she says a few of them wrong sometimes, but other times she says them quickly and perfectly.

She's probably an actress, or at least an amateur actress. But her discussions are good.
What were those videos about? I didn't learn a damned thing. Too distracted! :D

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she is def. Russian...might be Ukranian thou

<- Russian girls

<- German girls

<- Swedish girls
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That's definitely not a German or Swedish accent. QUOTE]

No. I think you're right in that she's an actress ( god knows she's working the camera over with her eyes and mouth) I think she's trying to sound exotic.

I'd say she's American but spent time in England and Spain.

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